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Ben Shapiro: Donald Trump Is A Liar [video]



Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro takes on the myth that Donald Trump is a truth-teller.


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  1. May I ask why Illinois Review is running this diatribe by one Benjamin Shapiro?
    Let’s set the record straight – the 32 year old Shapiro is an Orthodox Jew from UCLA and Harvard – who is here – casting aspersions on Donald Trump’s Christian credentials.
    Haven’t the former left-wing Democrats of the so-called “neo conservative” Bill Christol, et.al – ilk done enough damage to the Christian conservative side?
    Is Trump’s stated neutrality on Israel the key source of Benjamin Shapiro’s concern? So why doesn’t he just come out and say so?
    The fact that you have made an editorial decision to run this, should make every long-standing conservative in Illinois, rather angry!

  2. Clint Westwood is hilarious. Conservatives come in all shapes and sizes, as well as temperaments. The Republican Party has been overtaken by an angry mob, just as the Democrat Party has with the Sanders people. Where was the anger against Barack Obama in 2008? or 2012?
    Fact is that while GOP leadership has done us no favors and are pathetic, no principled political lords, we are two years ahead in Illinois of what will happen nationwide with Trump. A businessman that boasts billions takes over the organization whose purpose is to keep the state functioning so we can carry on our work schedules and meeting our family’s needs.
    He’s an arrogant, self-consumed bully with synchophants all around him – and the very people he’s supposed to be serving, he’s hurting.
    This, my friends, is coming nationwide. I appreciate the honesty of Ben Shapiro. So many scoffed at warnings about Barack Obama in 2008 – but they WERE ALL TRUE.
    Get over the chip on the shoulder, Mr. Westwood. You’ve just begun to hear tirades against your guy – and each one will be well-deserved.

  3. No one knows if “Westwood” is a troll or not but if so, his clumsy attempt at anti-semitic inuendo regarding Mr. Shapiro is despicable. The worst thing about Trump is Trump supporters who enable and reward his violent and anti-American unpatriotic rhetoric. They know he is not a real conservative who loves the Constitution and they do not care. They know he is not a Bible-observing Christian and they do not care. They know he has lied about his business ethics and they do not care. They know he has hired illegal immigrants and and cheated students of Trump University and they do not care. They know he is waging a fake campaign against the establishment that he is a pillar of himself and they still do not care because, like Trump himself, they only want to indulge their pretense of anger at the world and they love authoritarian strong men like Putin. They are just as fake about being conservatives as he is and if they walk in the fall good riddance to them. If Hillary wins, they will have only themselves to blame for nominating a moron like Trump who is losing to her in every poll.

  4. BTW, Mr. Westwood – Which of the comments Trump made in the video do you deny? Which didn’t he say? Are you authorized to explain them to us?
    I take what Trump has said at face value. He means what he says. Expect him to continue disgusting moral behavior as president – he justifies himself. Someday you will become sick and tired of defending him.
    In the meantime, you and your “millions” of like-minded American apologists will drag us all through the cultural manure because there are so many of you. You’re angry because we aren’t enjoying this journey as you are. Someday you’ll see we were right all along.

  5. Mr Rhoads,
    I am certainly not a “troll” but rather a long-standing member of the IL conservative community who knows the Western suburban people like Jamieson Campaigne, who financed your short-lived 1 term legislative gig – as well as your colleague, and contemporary, Roger Keats – who hot footed it out of Illinois as soon as his legislative pension kicked in and he then could make it out of wintry Chicago to the balmy sun-belt (some fine committed Illinois conservative, huh?)
    And unlike you, who had a short-term (and I’m guessing, unpaid) gig with the silly left-wing Chicago Sun-Times, I worked in Washington, DC for major news entities – including one of the largest circulation foreign newspapers in the world.
    Your assertion that any criticism of the neo-con war party is anti-semetic is just cheap elib. People like Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan express the very same sentements.
    As Bob Dylan sang during his genuinely poetic years “There’s somethin’ goin’ on that happening out there and you don’t know what it is – Do you, Mr. Jones?”
    It is nice, however, that you are trying to remain, however desparetely, relevant to the contemporary political discussion.

  6. Yeah, don’t you hate it when old fuddy duddies like me have the nerve to stick our noses into a discussion of young know it alls that really have no experience and are naive puppies looking for their mommy to take care of them?
    We are the conservatives that you know nothing about, Mr. Frasier, and your ignorance is embarrassing.
    No one is willing to answer the questions Mr. Shapiro raises in the video – you all simply shoot the messenger and blame him for the criticisms Mr. Trump himself raises. You will be disappointed in Mr. Trump because while he’s calling his opponents liars, he’s the liar in chief. He lies by avoiding answering questions, by explaining how he’s going to do all he promises to do.
    Politics is not easy nor does it take just a few quick quips that fit on hats to change. You’re pathetic, and your lack of respect for those who’ve had much more experience and have more wisdom than you is astounding. Give yourself 35 years. You’ll be where we are, and you’ll be able to brag how your ignorance delivered America into its lowest days ever.