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Biga: Senator Cruz and Low Information




By Frank J Biga III - 

His eminence Senator Cruz just recently described Trump voters for us…..

“Donald does well with voters who have relatively low information, who are not that engaged and who are angry and they see him as an angry voice. Where we are beating him is when voters’ get more engaged and they get more informed.” 

In other words, Trump’s supporters are stupid or ignorant or both. This sounds a lot like something a Democrat would have said about Republican voters in general. I heard it many times back in 2008 and 2012. How revealing of Senator Cruz.

Now there is no doubt that many of Trump’s supporters are formerly unengaged voters. Many of them have not participated in the process in the recent path, most likely due to feelings of hopelessness in the political process. Many Americans felt the same way during the Gilded Age when the US Senate stood in the way of many reforms. But this lack of engagement does not make them “low-information” voters.

In fact, one could argue that the American Versailles effetes are the ones suffering from “low-information”.  How many of Ted Cruz’ friends and colleagues ever had to train an immigrant here on a visa to do the job that he is getting terminated from?

How many of Ted Cruz’ buddies face the prospect of working two part time jobs just to make ends meet? How many of Senator Cruz’ buddies at Goldman Sachs have to worry about only getting 3 figure bonus checks?

How many of Senator Cruz’ pals have to worry about financing their childrens’ now six figure college educations because of all the immigrants we let in to the country?

I know Senator Cruz came from humbler beginnings. But he is now part of the country club set, even if he is only a parvenu late to the Great Game of merging the United States in to a globalist state controlled by the American aristocracy.

But just like the grandees of the Second Estate in 1780s France had little idea about the massive famine going on in rural areas or the severe poverty faced by many Parisians, our American technocratic elite (like Cruz) are unaware of the horrific effects of their prescribed policies on the American working class.

Senator Cruz may not feel the effects of free trade and open borders on his livelihood, but middle America does. His comments are really offensive to many and I would have a hard time voting for him in the general election if he won the nomination.   I would not have said this a few weeks ago. The funny thing is that Mitt Romney’s recent harangue was equally offensive.  One would think that the elites would learn something from their mistakes.  Maybe they are too insulated and haughty to even think they make mistakes?

No, Ted Cruz is now just another insider. He has a very impressive Rolodex of donors and if elected he won’t make any substantial changes to the path our country is on. He’ll put the final nails in the coffin of the actual nation we once had. He’ll talk a good game and might do some good on the pro-life issue. But if our country is gone, who really cares?

What about John Kasich? His recent comments at the Palatine Town Hall on Wednesday night indicate he understands that what is driving the Trump train forward is the horrific effects of both free trade and open borders on less-skilled middle class. But his prescriptions for solving it show him to be a standard politician. I mean more job training is going to do the trick? Really? Didn’t Bill Clinton suggest this in 1992? It didn’t work then because we were kept on the same path of decline. No, the Trump voters are demanding an end to the decline and a reinvigoration of our country. They want a different path. They do not want more morphine to make the trip to the terminus feel a little better. They want off that train of doom. They are the ones who have that information vital to our country’s future. If Kasich and company were paying more attention they might actually see it.

Rubio? His political career is now over. He exposed himself for the globalist liberal he really is and he has been summarily rejected by the American people at the polls. He did win Puerto Rico though so let’s give him credit for that.

Time to clean out the stables!


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  1. The average Trump supporter doesn’t know his whole history which has been mostly hidden by the media who either, like Trump’s buddy Rupert Murdoch who owns Fox News, want him to be President or like the liberal media types, see him an easy mark for Hillary. He really is Mitt Romney on steroids—even more a crony capitalist, greater and faster (and constant) flip-flops on issues with a far worse business and personal life. Most of all, like Mr. Romneycare, he can’t really go after his Democrat opponents chief weakness since he has praised and supported both Bill and Hillary Clinton as much as anyone else in the country.
    The pitiful Trump record is why the Trump people always attack the source or just cry “liar” when the truth comes out about Trump.
    Believe me, by the time the total truth that finally oozes out about Trump and gets pounded home between now and the convention, the average Trump supporter will be ashamed he was ever conned to support him. I am very glad to see Patriotic Veterans talking about his draft dodging, just one of hundreds of issues that could be brought up. My father would be 92 today if he was still alive and he went through hell in the Pacific. Trump just bedded countless women, which he considered like being in combat, his own Viet Nam. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/02/16/draft-dodger-trump-said-sleeping-around-was-my-personal-vietnam.html

  2. Poor planning by Trump’s Illinois staffers and advance team. They did not know the territory.
    Their rally ought to have been held in Arlington Heights, Palatine or Du Page. Allowing free admission to the UIC Pavilion simply played into the hands of the protest organizers.
    Don’t know if this will affect the primary results, but it shows that Trump does not have good staff in Illinois.

  3. This is even dumber than Mitt Romney. Cruz blamed Trump last night for campus UIC agitators. I think that counties that Cruz could have won in Illinois will now vote for Trump. You know, those “low information” counties that for years the left has attacked.

  4. LOL. Kasich said more “job training” like more college. How has “more college” worked out? All that I’ve seen from “more college” is people who would’ve been Trump supporters are Sanders supporters. If “job training” is the issue, then how come these people didn’t train for those jobs decades ago. Couldn’t they have had more lucrative jobs back then? Different people are capable of different work. That’s why they can’t just retrain. It’s pitiful that PC nonsense has seeped into most Republicans’ talking points because it hurts rather than helps the people that they’re being PC towards. In this case, people who shouldn’t go to college and who shouldn’t have to.

  5. He never called anyone stupid. Ever. He said people did not have the information. How many people do you know who take the time to dig and find out what is really happening, rather than just listen to sound bites and read what the media wants to tell us?
    Cruz has stood up to the massive peer pressure in Washington but many don’t know the specific situations. What he did in 2014 regarding the debt ceiling vote in the Senate is key.
    60 votes were needed to raise it. There were 55 Democrat Senators. So the Republican leadership, hatched a plan to ensure the the debt ceiling raised (while asking for nothing in return..no reforms at all to rein in our out of control spending and increasing size of government)in a way they could deceive the voters back home.
    The leaders wanted to decrease the number of votes needed to pass it from 60 down to 50. That way, the Dems could pass it on their own and Republicans could go back to their districts and SAY they voted against the debt ceiling when in fact they would have just taken action to ALLOW it to happen. That is pure deception. And Ted said NO to the deception. Mike Lee agreed with him.
    That rule change needed to be unanimous. Cruz and Lee voted against it so it didn’t go through. Therefore, the Republicans who wanted to increase the debt ceiling, and who asked for NO REFORMS in exchange, had to make their votes public and not hide the truth from their constituents.
    Cruz offered very practical and reasonable reforms, to at least get something in the way of negotiation – but the leaders were not interested. Obama got exactly what he wanted.
    The media attacked Ted viciously for doing exactly what he was sent to Washington to do. And the other Senators were not at all pleased with him to say the least.
    How many knew that happened? What would you want your Senator to do? What is point of sending Republicans to Washington if they do nothing once they get there?
    What’s the point of sending Republicans to Congress if they just act like Democrats once they get there?

  6. Low information types sounds like stupid to me…
    this registered nurse is smart enough to save a life and smart enough to figure out who to vote for…I will start the year with truth teller Trump over Cruz any day

  7. Cruz has a spine, has principles, has spent his life defending the Constitution, and has been one of the RARE people in Washington who went and actually cared about doing what the voters sent him to do, and didn’t go to join the crowd. Don’t take my word for it. RESEARCH. Don’t vote by sound bite!

  8. Exactly.
    Don’t vote by soundbite.
    Do your research, and you will find that:
    1) Cruz never battled against anything in congress that he could have actually won for us
    2) he is just another establishment candidate working not for our citizenry but rather for th e globalists.
    Cruz is the RNCs stealth candidate.

  9. If Mr. Biga wants to see a low-information voted, he can look in the mirror.
    He complains that Americans “had to train an immigrant here on a visa to do the job[s] that [they are] getting terminated from?”
    Then he tells us to support Trump, who is on record in support of the H-1A and H-1B programs, and has used these programs to hire hundreds of low-wage foreigners in place of Americans.
    That’s like saying pornography is a disgusting plague, so vote for Ginger Lynn.

  10. Ted Cruz never called Trump supporters stupid. Now do you remember when Trump was calling out voters in Iowa when he was behind in the polls. There are many sound bites where Trump says much worse. It has become clear that many love Trump’s message, and really don’t care about the messenger. I respect the distaste for the Washington establishment, but why would you trust the politician that has been supporting the Washington establishment for decades. I don’t get it.