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The Hill names Kirk’s Senate seat as “Most Likely to Flip” in 2016




WASHINGTON – There are ten seats likely to flip in November, and Democrats could regain control of the U.S. Senate, The Hill writes Monday.

Who's the most vulnerable member? Illinois' own junior senator Mark Kirk, a Republican. Right now, each of Illinois' two senators comes from one of the two major parties. That could change to a fully blue representation after November:

1. Illinois

Kirk easily emerged from Tuesday’s primary as the GOP nominee, but he faces the steepest climb going into the general election.

The GOP senator has positioned himself as a moderate in deep-blue Illinois but will run for reelection during a presidential year that typically favors Democrats.

Kirk has also been known for making a series of gaffes and will have to steer clear of garnering negative media attention and creating fodder for political ads used against him. 

Looking toward the general election, he now faces Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.), a formidable Democratic opponent who outpaced him in fundraising heading into Tuesday. There’s been minimal polling, but a survey from last July found the congresswoman leading by a few points.

Kirk has gone the furthest of any Senate Republican regarding Obama’s court nominee and broke with his party to call on his colleagues to “man up” and hold a vote.

Still, Democrats are not wasting any time tying him to Republican leadership that has refused to hold hearings or a vote for the president’s nominee.

Kirk’s critics are also pouncing on the opportunity to knock him over his support for Trump if he’s the party’s nominee. 

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  1. Sen. Kirk’s base is the liberals. If conservatives think that Kirk will lose, I hope that all of those conservatives will help Chad Koppie, the Constitution Party’s U.S. Senate candidate. Mr. Koppie is pro-life, pro-gun rights, anti-illegal alien, pro-fairtax, and pro-spending cuts. He needs to get at least 25,000 signatures between March 29 & June 20.

  2. I’ve met Chad Coppie. I even hosted an event at which he was one of the speakers.
    He may be brilliant intellectually, but as a speaker he is so long-winded, mono-toned and boring he can put a shark to sleep.
    I don’t see how he can win anything unless he undergoes a personality transplant.