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Trump leads Cruz by 10 points in Illinois GOP polling




CHICAGO – Donald Trump is leading in Illinois among the four candidates left in the GOP presidential nomination race, the Chicago Tribune reported Tuesday.

Among 600 registered voters likely to vote next Tuesday, 32 percent said they would vote for Donald Trump. Ted Cruz came in ten points behind, at 22 percent and Marco Rubio at 21 percent. Ohio Governor John Kasich is in a close last place at 18 percent.

Seven percent remain undecided. The error margin on the poll is at 4.1 percentage points.

Illinois is one of the four major "Super Duper" primary states March 15th, when the primary winners "take all delegates" setup kicks into effect. 



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  1. Nope, sorry. The poll was conducted “Wednesday through Sunday”, mostly before Rubio collapsed on Super Saturday. This poll is old.
    A new ABC News / Washington Post survey has Cruz beating Trump 54% to 41% nationally in a head-to-head matchup. The other guys need to get out.

  2. In Illinois there is no direct relationship between which Presidential candidate gets the most popular votes, and the number of Delegates. One must vote FOR the Delegate / Alternate committed. I’m 104 on the Cook County ballot as a Kasich Alternate Delagate.

  3. Orange dyed helmet hair, lacquered in place, sprayed on tan and boastful claims of virility, do not a president make. Foulmouthed and prone to bullying.
    Seriously, do any of us know what his policies would be? Not generalities, specifics.
    He is a self-described Democrat and a long time Democratic donor running as a Republican.
    Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  4. New Chicago Tribune poll out yesterday – Trump up by 10% in IL.
    He’s not really going to need Illinois, but he’ll get it anyway.
    Most of the GOP elite here is supporting Kasich. Oh, this will be so funny to see the egg on their RINO faces.
    To paraphrase Bob Dylan, “There’s somethin’ happenin’ out there and you don’t know what it is – do you Mr. RINO”