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Deace: Donald Trump the Wolf Removes the Sheepskin




By Steve Deace - 

"Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves." Matthew 7:15

The scam is now complete.

Donald Trump, one of the biggest stars of the reality show era, finally showed his true colors to Republican primary voters after spending months pretending to care about our issues in order to build (his) ratings and forge alliances.

GOP Survivor 2016 is now down to its final two contestants, and what was long clear to some of us is now completely out of the closet.

Trump isn't one of us. He's really one of them, and he's not even trying to hide it anymore.

Listen here to his own campaign manager Paul Manafort – himself the very kind of globalist-lobbyist Trump promised to rid the system of – admitting Trump has just been "projecting an image" to win over Republican primary voters all this time.

You're not a supporter to Trump, but a sucker. And in Trump World there's one of you born every minute and, it would seem, in every state. If you voted for Trump (or considered doing so) based on "build a wall" or "kick out the globalists" or "ban Muslims" then congratulations, because that vote would now seem to be worth about as much as a degree from Trump University. See that as worthless.

You've been played. You've been had. You've been punked. You're the latest mark in a long-running con called Trump.

…I don't have to warn you about who Trump really is, for he's shamelessly shoving it in your face in the belief that you're too gullible and/or prideful to turn back now.

So just who is the real Donald?

For starters, there is no "real Trump." There's simply an egotist with progressive tendencies that he'll gladly abandon along with anyone who gets in the way of his quest for self-actualization. Whether you're his (ex) wife, employee, customer, or supporter, you're there to serve him and his interests.

It is never the other way around. Dare to defy that stipulation and you're out on your ear faster than you can say "Mr. Trump."

Because that's what Washington needs – another feckless old white guy who thinks he's the center of the universe.

You can always tell what a politician ultimately stands for based on two things: how he/she instinctively reacts when cornered, and what hills they are/aren't willing to die on. And in recent days, Trump has made it abundantly clear he's not dying on any of ours.

For example:

Higher taxes? Check.

More debt? Check.

More baby killing? Check.

Creepy cross-dressing dudes sharing bathrooms with our daughters? Check.

These are all headlines Trump has generated in just the past few days. All of them documented and linked right here so you can check them out for yourselves.

Maybe Trump is right after all, and he's not like the typical Republican who has let us down in the past. Unlike them, Trump isn't waiting until after the primary or after he gets elected to sell us out. He's doing it at this moment. Before he's even won the primary.

This is the part when I'm supposed to write "don't say I didn't warn you." Except I don't have to warn you about who Trump really is, for he's shamelessly shoving it in your face in the belief that you're too gullible and/or prideful to turn back now.

Let those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

Steve Deace is a conservative broadcaster based in Wisconsin. More at www.SteveDeace.com


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  1. Again I have to wonder … It’s all well and good to have your principles but which GOP politician is “one of us”? John McCain? John Boehner? Mitt Romney? Paul Ryan? Jeb Bush? The entire GOP wants nothing to do with conservatives, it’s time you woke up to that fact.

  2. Higher taxes? – we had higher taxes on the wealthiest Americans in the 50s through the 70s. We had a bigger middle class then too. That model deteriorated as the Boomers matured in to adults and Reagan had tax cuts. Now that the Boomers are aging and we have a smaller Gen X generation, we might need higher taxes on the wealthy. Just so you are aware…. the Laffer Curve has two sides to it.
    More Debt – Every President has increased our debt. Clinton did it the least ironically. We might need more debt for infrastructure as interest rates are so low. Our country is no where near bankruptcy even with 120 Trillion in total debts. We have 300 Trillion + in assets Don’t forget Balance Sheets also have two sides.
    More baby killing. One could argue that a booming economy would reduce abortions. Certainly abortions declined in the 90s. Trump is against abortion. He may have changed on this. But let he who us without sin cast the first stone.
    Transgender bathrooms – disgusting. But this will happen though given no matter what given the sad state of our culture. It must be fought indirectly. Raise tariffs, control the border, reduce immigration and bring back the economy and strengthen the middle class and families will rebound. We need to bring back those small and medium sized towns that NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA and the free trade cult gave us.

  3. Laffer was right, when jobs actually required people. Back then, people were the most important commodity. That’s why half of a million jobs were created per month in a country with 40% less population than today. Today, that is not true. Robotics, or virtual, have become the most important commodity. That’s how the Laffer curve fails. It is a different technological world. Trump realizes this because he is actually in this economy; the politicians have never been and Laffer hasn’t been since the 80s. The idea that the country needs tens of millions of more low-skilled/low-aptitude workers is absolutely insane. Unfortunately, that is one of the arguments that the left has invented USING Laffer economics. The right must wake up to that, SOON. Assessments on Silicon Valley companies and Hedge-Funds, which happen to be virulently left BTW, won’t harm the economy all that much because so few people and even fewer Americans are actually employed at those companies.

  4. There is no reason to worry about Donald Trump actually becoming president so his policies will be irrelevant. Trump will get beat so badly in November it will make the 1964 Goldwater defeat look like a victory. Trump is a fraud when he pretends to be a Republican and the blame for Trump belongs more to his GOP primary voters who are too lazy to study his real record and emotionally back him they say because “he tells it like it is” and they want to stick it to the establishment. But the joke is on them for falling for his con artist act. Trump never tells it like it is and he IS the establishment.

  5. Deace’s website doesn’t list a radio station, so he must be a “POD-caster.” If he actually is a broadcaster in the radio definition, we could learn which radio station on which he can be heard, and if it is in Milwaukee or Madison.
    Both cities are Liberal bastions, and in that environment a broadcaster who calls himself “conservative,” would be some distance left of what WE consider “conservative.”

  6. Lampoon has told this pointless lie about me before and it is a stupid lie because it can so easily be verified as false based on public records. In 1975 the political editor of the Chicago Sun-Times wrote a column about how I was supporting Reagan over Ford as a founder of the Illinois Conservative Union. In 1980 I was elected as a Reagan delegate to the convention in Detroit and voted for Reagan at the convention and was co-chair of the Reagan delegates with State Rep. Don Totten.