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IL GOP Senate Leader Radogno says Kasich has “the best chance to succeed”


SPRINGFIELD – There's one Republican leader in Illinois that believes there's a real chance that Ohio Governor John Kasich – who now has the least number of elected delegates – will eventually be the presidential pick at the RNC in June, and possibly, in November.

When asked how important the top of the ticket will be in November as to whether Illinois Republicans can win back seats from the Democrat super-majority in both legislative chambers, Minority Leader Chris Radogno at first didn't sound too hopeful about it happening in 2016.

It's normally the case that in presidential election years Republicans don't do as well as non-presidential elections, she said. Except … 

"I think it's very unsettled on both sides as to who the nominee is going to be," Minority Leader Chris Radogno said in a press conference at the State Capitol today. "It looks like there's certainly a realistic possibility of a contested convention. I'm the Kasich chairman in this state, I firmly believe and I think some polling has shown that he has the best chance to succeed. So, if that comes to fruition, that may help our cause." 

"There's a lack of enthusiasm on the Democrat side as well," she said. "Much of the story is yet to be written."


  1. You mean the “pro-choice”, pro-homosexual rights Dem from Lyons Township who switched parties (but not principles) to run for state senate because the area, at the time, was still predominately (but no longer) Republican? The flawed “big tent theory” of the Illinois’ GOP Establishment and their weeding-out conservatives since the mid 90’s has cost us dearly and discouraged many voters.

  2. Translation:
    “We are working feverishly behind the scenes to steal this election from the will of American voters and hand it to, once again, the globalist elite. Thank you for your patience and consideration, your efforts will not be appreciated.”
    Radogno is the worst of the worst, not surprised Sue Holt can’t bring herself to say anything negative about Radogno.

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