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Illinois delegates for Trump voice fear and lack of leadership on conference call




The Guardian is featuring a story about a phone call among Illinois delegates for Donald Trump last Thursday night that laid out a "chaotic" scene and a lack of leadership:

Illinois delegates elected to represent Donald Trump have voiced fears about chaotic organization and a lack of leadership in their state as Republicans prepare for what could be the first contested convention in decades.

During a torturous two-hour conference call on Thursday night, the delegates struggled to figure out how to help the frontrunner at the Republican National Convention in July, wondering how best to contact the campaign in Wisconsin for tips.

Anxiety was mounting throughout the conference call about the lack of organization in the Land of Lincoln for Trump. As one person said “There is no Trump team in Illinois, it’s us”, a statement echoed by pro-Trump activist Doug Ibendahl when he pointed out on the call “we don’t have any leader, it’s just us.”

The Guardian understands the delegates also tried to deal with the mysterious disappearance of former Trump state chair Kent Gray from the campaign’s operations. Before leaving the campaign, Gray had tried to keep rival campaigns from making the ballot in Illinois but failed because he had not filed the paperwork in a timely manner.

They also spoke about fears the #nevertrump movement would use “riffraff” to steal delegates and were uncertain about what to do next to help secure the GOP nomination for Trump.

More on the report HERE.


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  1. oh no!!!
    the sky is falling!!!
    I believe none of what the IR reports regarding the Trump campaign. There is a word for what you are doing, it’s called ‘gaslighting’ and we are onto the likes of you.
    The Trump campaign will be just fine, and will be FAR ahead in delegates when the convention rolls around.
    If the RNC chooses to steal the nomination from Mr Trump well, let’s just say, that’s when the fun begins.
    Bring it on, thievin’ RNC.
    whatcha got?

  2. Hey Lake,
    Were you on that phone call? Don’t you find this conversation interesting? It makes sense to me if they’ve kicked out the state’s delegate leader.
    And are you saying IR shouldn’t report on this?

  3. If as the Illinois Review reports is allegedly true, the Donald Trump campaign is in serious trouble.
    Certainly this campaign has displayed chaos as Donald Trump continues to hurt the chances of the Republican Party winning the White House in November 2016. His off the wall remarks, including punishing women who have abortions and that Saudi Arabia should have nuclear weapons, demonstrates that not even Trump knows what he is talking about in terms of policy, both domestic and foreign.
    Jargon language, empty slogans, daft rhetoric are not enough to win a presidential election. As Trump’s toxicity factor climbs for good reason, he is going to find less people willing to be openly and privately associated with him.
    Hot air with an angry mob mentality are not winning ingredients for successful Republican presidents.

  4. I’m saying no such thing, the IR can report on whatever they like – and I can choose to ignore their report – or ridicule it – if I deem said report to be without merit.
    What I find much more interesting than this article is the fact that the RNC is working behind the scenes to steal delegates from Mr Trump and subvert the will of the American voters.
    You must be very proud to be aligned with such a scurrilous group.

  5. The key is nobody but Cruz or Trump is nominated. The Establishment rigged everything for Jeb but it backfired and mostly helped Trump (3 delegates a congressional district no matter how many Republicans lived in the district, Florida winner take all, etc.) Now they are trying to wiggle out of the rules they designed to keep Ron Paul types from being nominated so they can get somebody besides Trump or Cruz that doesn’t control 8 state delegations.
    As for Trump ruining the conservative/libertarian cause, I say no. There really isn’t a viable movement of libertarians/conservatives. We saw how most of them totally surrendered on primarying “Republican” incumbents who voted for the worst budget in U.S. history. In addition, so many lined up behind Establishment hacks like Rubio whose corruption was obvious.
    After over 30 years of Illinois politics, I can count on one hand the number of “conservative” leaders I respect. Most sell out for a few crumbs from the Establishment’s table. Trump is just a symptom of a movement that is almost completely corrupt and ineffective. He’s a phony who has flipped more than Romney on issues. But so are most of the “leaders” who oppose him. At least Trump is saying the right things now, which is more than the Rubios did.

  6. The Trump delegates should indeed be concerned. The Cruz people are all over their own delegates, and are working the Rubio delegates for second round flips (Rubio delegates are bound to Rubio at his request through the first round). If the Trump delegates are a bit disconcerted, consider this a hint into how Trump would run the presidency if he should be lucky enough to win the general.

  7. What work have they done that has resulted in anything? Anything?
    Looks like he’s wrecking an already completed train wreck that has been tossed into the dumpster and the rats have taken over. Trump is the lion driving the rats out.

  8. Ive disagreed with Grant Noble many times. Up until this point in what Grant wrote –“Most sell out for a few crumbs from the Establishment’s table. Trump is just a symptom of a movement that is almost completely corrupt and ineffective. He’s a phony who has flipped more than Romney on issues. But so are most of the “leaders” who oppose him. At least Trump is saying the right things now, which is more than the Rubios did. — I thought Grant was coming to his senses. This is not so.
    Grant is as confused as ever. Does Grant think that Cruz could ever win in November? A word to Grant: “Cruz could never win, your hope is but a pipe dream. Trump is supported by the Grand Dame of Republican conservatism. She knows of what she speaks. Read her book: A Choice Not An Echo”, in which Schlafly tells of how the Republican establishment has picked the Republican candidate throughout the years. This is happening again.
    And don’t be confused. Although Cruz can legitimately be labeled as a Republican establishment candidate, do you really believe, Grant, that the establishment will ever allow Cruz to be the 2016 presidential candidate? The establishment is using Cruz only as a means to hopefully take Trump out, to humiliate him. Cruz will be next in line.
    How foolish the people of Wisconsin are if Cruz wins tonight. Waiting in the wings is the Madam list with Cruz’s personal telephone number on it and the fact that Cruz is not a natural born citizen.
    Cruz really thought he was going to receive the endorsement of one of the most reputable senator in the U.S. Senate, Senate Jeff Sessions, but not to be so. Sessions endorsed Trump. What does Sessions know about Cruz? Basic is that Cru has a lousy personality which has haunted him all his life.

  9. Trump is just learning to be a politician and hasn’t been involved with political correctness or armed with canned responses which peg career politicians. Trump is fresh and new and really loves this nation, or he wouldn’t be sacrificing so much to run in a political system that is corrupt and skewed toward outsiders. Trump poses a threat to the gravy train of many in the Republicans Party. This is why they hate him so.
    And Ted and his lies are not to be brushed off, in that Ted likes to portray himself as this Bible thumping Christian which is just for appearances. Behind the scenes Cruz is minipulating and controlling, even with his own family.
    With Trump, you know what you are getting. He may be blunt at time, but his business ability far outshines anything people might have against him. This is sorely needed in a nation that is rapidly reaching the status of a third world country. We can’t continue the status quo so Republicans can continue to sell out this nation to the Democrats.

  10. In your original post you said “…wrecking years of work by Conservatives and Libertarians …”
    In your replay to Mr Gioberti you said “…republican party is stronger than it has been …”
    You seem to be confusing Conservatism with republicans –
    the 2 no longer go together, especially in Illinois.

  11. In response to Nancy Thorner’s wild assertions, omissions, and obfuscations of facts:
    Is she a paid VOX for the Donald J. Trump presidential campaign in Illinois?
    Thorner’s rantings are incoherent and read like a playbook for cult followers.

  12. It’s “stronger than it has been in most of our readers’ lifetimes” and we have gotten literally nothing from it. I mean national party, not state since that is separable. We have gotten literally nothing from it. Ask a coal miner, ask a fat cat making lots of $$$$$ off of Obum’s green agenda. The Dems got more green $$$$$ with Ryan in charge and both chambers of Congress than when the Democrats controlled one.