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Illinois GOP delegates



represent Illinois at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.


Sixty-nine delegates and sixty-six alternate delegates will represent Illinois at the convention. Fifty-four delegates and fifty-four alternate delegates were selected directly by voters in the March primary, while fifteen delegates and twelve alternate delegates will be selected at the Illinois Republican State Convention on May 20 in Peoria.


On September 29, 2015, Chairman Tim Schneider, representing the Illinois Republican Party, submitted rules, statutes, procedures, policies, and instructive materials governing the selection of delegates and alternate delegates to the Republican National Convention pursuant to Rule No. 16(f) of The Rules of the Republican Party.


From the Illinois Republican Party’s Rule No. 16(f) Filing Summary, which can be found here:


Concerning At-Large National Convention Delegates:

All at-large delegates will be chosen at the Illinois Republican State Convention in May 2016. An 18-member committee will recommend to the full convention a list of 12 at-large and alternate at-large delegates. Pursuant to an Illinois Republican Party resolution passed on September 28, 2015, those delegates are bound to the winner of the statewide Presidential preference vote at the General Primary Election on March 15, 2016.


All at-large delegates and alternate at-large delegates will be chosen at the Illinois Republican State Convention. Those delegates are bound to the winner of the statewide Presidential preference vote from the General Primary Election on March 15, 2016.


Concerning Congressional District National Convention Delegates:

Each of Illinois’ 18 Congressional Districts elected 3 delegates and 3 alternate delegates at the General Primary Election held on March 15, 2016.


Congressional District delegates and alternate delegates were elected directly by voters during the primary and are bound to the candidate for whom they filed a sworn statement of Presidential preference with the Illinois State Board of Elections. That declaration was on the primary election ballot.


Today, the Illinois State Board of Elections certified that the following delegates and alternate delegates were duly elected on the General Primary Election held on March 15, 2016:


 1st Congressional District Delegates

  • Michael Burke (Trump)
  • Antonio Alonso (Trump)           
  • Christopher Hilliard (Trump)  

1st Congressional District Alternate Delegates

  • Gregg Fletcher (Trump)
  • Dale Charletta (Trump)
  • Renard Harvey (Trump)

2nd Congressional District Delegates

  • James Devors (Trump)                                  
  • Rita Gaus (Trump)                          
  • Taneequa Tolbert (Trump)                                           

2nd Congressional District Alternate Delegates

  • Ryan Nolan (Trump)
  • Keith Cooper (Trump)
  • Shane Chomko (Trump)

3rd Congressional District Delegates

  • John Lynch (Trump)   
  • Cynthia Schaffer (Trump)           
  • Bob Anderson (Trump)               

3rd Congressional District Alternate Delegates

  • Geraldine Brady (Trump)
  • Vince Matonis (Trump)
  • Nena Mihailovic (Trump)

4th Congressional District Delegates

  • Kevin Jayne (Trump)                    
  • Eric Sawchuk (Trump)
  • Rolando Arellano (Trump)       

4th Congressional District Alternate Delegates

  • Diana Jayne (Trump)
  • Justin Krope (Trump)
  • Richard Sawchuk (Trump)

5th Congressional District Delegates

  • Mark Fratella (Trump)
  • Kathleen Goro (Trump)
  • Lori Gayne (Trump)     

5th Congressional District Alternate Delegates

  • Steve Bayne (Trump)
  • James Ignatowski (Trump)
  • Cathryn Biga (Trump)

6th Congressional District Delegates

  • Paul Minch (Trump)
  • Barbara Kois (Trump)
  • Pat Brady (Kasich)

6th Congressional District Alternate Delegates

  • Mike Paolella (Trump)
  • Ed Baran (Trump)
  • Suzanne Bassi (Kasich)

7th Congressional District Delegates

  • Nancy Kimme (Kasich)
  • Kreg Allison (Kasich)  
  • William Smithburg (Kasich)

7th Congressional District Alternate Delegates

  • Bruno Behrend (Kasich)
  • Ellen Wesley (Kasich)
  • Helene Cissell (Kasich)

8th Congressional District Delegates

  • Julie Donovan (Trump)
  • Anthony Iosco (Trump)
  • George Kas (Trump)    

8th Congressional District Alternate Delegates

  • Brad Schonder (Trump)
  • Jacqueline Menconi (Trump)
  • Suzanne Amato (Trump)

9th Congressional District Delegates

  • David Harris (Kasich)
  • Brian Moran (Kasich)
  • Linda Lucchese (Trump)

9th Congressional District Alternate Delegates

  • Carol Teschky (Kasich)
  • Gerald DeNotto (Trump)
  • John Demler (Kasich)

10th Congressional District Delegates

  • Mari Carlson (Trump)
  • Eugene Cummings (Trump)
  • Bob Bednar (Trump)

10th Congressional District Alternate Delegates

  • Terry Good (Trump)
  • Bryan Brim (Trump)
  • Sean Gay (Trump)

11th Congressional District Delegates

  • Jack McInerney (Trump)
  • Anthony Anderson (Trump)
  • Laura Kochan (Trump)

11th Congressional District Alternate Delegates

  • Jackie Kartz (Trump)
  • Joshua McGinnis (Trump)
  • Riley Tagtmeyer (Trump)

12th Congressional District Delegates

  • Nathan Chaney (Trump)
  • Stella Kozanecki (Trump)
  • Herb Underwood (Trump)        

12th Congressional District Alternate Delegates

  • Cassandra Crawford (Trump)
  • Lori Evers-Miller (Trump)
  • Mary Schmidt (Trump)

13th Congressional District Delegates

  • Doug Hartmann (Trump)
  • James Kammer (Cruz)
  • Mark Strang (Cruz)

13th Congressional District Alternate Delegates

  • Kathy Scaturro (Trump)
  • Stanley Pratt (Cruz)
  • Steven Bayes (Cruz)

14th Congressional District Delegates

  • Chris Bockay (Trump)
  • Linda Christl (Trump)
  • Andera Burnette (Trump)

14th Congressional District Alternate Delegates

  • Jennifer Nevins (Trump)
  • Larry Chapel (Trump)
  • Mathew Sterba (Trump)

15th Congressional District Delegates

  • Philip Chapman (Trump)
  • Chapin Rose (Cruz)
  • Maria Hough (Trump)

15th Congressional District Alternate Delegates

  • Glenn Roundtree (Trump)
  • Keith Thomae (Trump)
  • Lanna Logan (Trump)

16th Congressional District Delegates

  • Tim Bivins (Cruz)
  • Eric Miller (Trump)       
  • Tracy Doyle (Trump)

16th Congressional District Alternate Delegates

  • Dennis Sands (Trump)
  • Thomas Roff (Trump)
  • Norma Polcek (Trump)

17th Congressional District Delegates

  • Patrick Harlan (Cruz)
  • Rich Nordstrom (Trump)
  • Richard Conklin (Cruz)

17th Congressional District Alternate Delegates

  • Linda Dotson (Cruz)
  • John Adkins (Trump)
  • Doug Crow (Cruz)

18th Congressional District Delegates

  • Michael Flynn (Cruz)
  • Lee Newcom (Cruz)      
  • Christian Gramm (Cruz)

18th Congressional District Alternate Delegates

  • James Fisher (Cruz)
  • Brian Thielen (Cruz)
  • David Hullinger (Cruz)


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