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UPDATE X1: Floor vote will be held on redefining marriage at IL GOP convention Saturday



Ilgop16PEORIA – Any other year, IL GOP Convention delegates would ratify with a voice vote what the platform committee recommended to the committee of the whole – but this year, it won't be that easy. 

A group of Republicans unhappy with the platform's change in redefining marriage worked all night to gather the needed seven votes from the platform committee to file a Minority Report. After that, they gathered the needed 50 signatures – one report says they gathered 130 signatures – of delegation heads to vote on the convention floor Saturday.

We've confirmed that 70 delegation heads signed onto the effort.

The petitions had to be filed by 9:30 AM – and currently, the petitioners are meeting with the parliamentarian. 

UPDATE x1: The Parliamentarian says the Minority Report maintaining the 2012 IL GOP language defining marriage as between one man and one woman will be voted on first with a standing vote and if that fails the majority amendment removing marriage will be voted on by voice vote.  

Rumors are the vote may be moved up to the first vote, instead of towards the end of the session as planned. 

The wording of the platform plank the committee voted to recommend Friday and the 2012 version is HERE 


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  1. Hired Gun Pat Brady never did understand the values of most GOP voters in Iillinois. If you blow off people who support traditional marriage, pro-life, fiscal responsibility, homeland security, local rule, and good schools then who is left to vote for the GOP? Maybe Brady never was a Republican at all just because he once made it to Chairman.

  2. ….or maybe Brady ABSOLUTELY IS a republican.
    Why is it so many people STILL confuse “republican” with “Conservative”?
    Seriously, what MORE will it take for all you diehards to realize the republican party does NOT give a DAMN about Conservatives?