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Former IL GOP Chairman just texted “F**k u” to 6th CD constituent



Former GOP chairman Brady (third from right) creates buzz at IL GOP Convention (Weyermuller)

PEORIA – Former Illinois Republican Party chairman Pat Brady is obviously losing patience with those appealing to him to maintain the current planks on the 2016 IL GOP Platform concerning one-man, one-woman marriage. 

Within the past hour, Brady, who is representing the 6th CD on the 2016 platform committee, responded to 6th CD constituent Laurie Higgins with the following "F—- u" 

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.12.14 PM


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  1. Not sure I see why this is news…bigger story is the unauthorized sharing of private communication and someone’s private phone number here. That said, the texter was clearly trying to instigate a negative response with the unnecessary characterization that Mr. Brady has “done enough damage” by taking a position consistent with the conservative view that individuals…not the government…should be able to make decisions for themselves. Marriage in this context is a civil matter, and not necessarily bound by the same moral boundaries as those on either side of the issue. Was he overzealous in his response…probably, does that make it newsworthy…no.

  2. Contact information is demanded when a person is serving as a representative for the people living in his or her district.
    I agree with the GOP House members that said the process is under cover, secretive and should be in the light of day. How was someone suppposed to contact their representative on this committee with no information given??
    Your argument is embarrassing and Democrat-esque. Shame on you.

  3. Or neither…I’m more offended by the crybaby pick up my ball and go home tactics of those who don’t get their way (cough…Laurie Higgins/hard core righties…cough) than I am by someone standing up for themselves

  4. I think we need to take a closer view at what changing the marriage plank does, and how it drives gov’t policy. And is marriage really just a civil matter between 2 people, or are more affected? Apply this to adoption and foster care. Children are also affected when change in govt policy causes them to be placed in same-sex homes for foster care or adoption. Is this in their best interesti? Well structured research says it’s not. Also, relgious liberties are infringed, and religious organizations lose their govt contracts when they refuse to place children in same-sex households. Then all the DCFS children being served by that organization are forced into other organizations with lost ties to those they had bonded with. It’s not just a civil matter between 2 people.

  5. Eastsider doesn’t care about any of that Cares,
    He/she, and his/her gay mafia friends, only care about tearing down and destroying every bit of traditional conservative fabric of our culture that they can in the short time they have left with their queer messiah in the white house.
    It really is as simple as that…….

  6. Words cannot describe how shocked I am that Brady would reply like this. As a former public servant and as a county party Vice-Chairman during my time spent in Georgia, I am embarrassed and appalled that a party official believes he can respond like this. Sad day for the ILGOP.

  7. Laurie Higgins, obviously I’m not familiar with the phone number, but is there any chance Brady could have identified it directly or by an owner-activist to IFI or some of IFI’s issues of interest? Even if it could be identified to you / IFI / another organization / any known activist, Brady’s response is totally uncalledfor and unacceptable, but but as a blind response to a party member or concerned citizen it is completely beyond the pail! Do we need any more reason to disqualify this pretender from further service to or in the party?

  8. Gee, I can’t understand how the “Illinois Republican Party” (ha ha) didn’t take the state under the able leadership of Mr. Brady. LakeCoConserv said ti all. This Brady guy and any one else in “leadership” (HILARIOUS!) doesn’t give a hoot what the serfs think. Just send me money, Serf, and don’t you worry your feeble brain about what’s good for you. Disgusting!

  9. Wow, Eastsider –
    You’re disgraceful and disrespectful just like Pat Brady.
    Obviously, you’re a part of the IL GOP that wants conservatives OUT of the party.
    Congratulations! Now go get some Democrats

  10. My phone number doesn’t have the same area code as other IFI or IFA numbers, and I’ve never spoken with him. I sent the text to him at 11:52 this morning, and received his mellifluous response at 11:54, which didn’t leave much time for him to research the identity of the sender–which I was not concealing. He could have simply asked. There’s little evidence that he was interested in the identity of the texter–or her opinion. 🙂

  11. There are two well-structured social science studies. What’s interesting is that the left shreds them by applying standards that they never apply to less-well structured studies that affirm leftist beliefs.
    The left has touted the conclusions of very poorly construct study of lesbian parenting while shredding the Allen and Regnerus study which by any objective standards are better-constructed studies.

  12. Seems that Brady and Trump have much in common when it comes to class (or lack thereof). His crude response to Ms. Higgins further cements the correctness of my early view when I first heard that he was no longer going to be our Illinois Republican Chairman. It was “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

  13. Pat Brady is an absolute embarrassment to the IL GOP… how this disgraced former GOP official was appointed to the Platform Committee is a mystery. Evidently, he is still lobbying for the ACLU to push the IL GOP even further to the left.

  14. Your comment exposes the hypocrisy in leftist responses to research. While touting as valid and sound research corrupted by sample bias, small numbers, unrepeatable results, and poor conclusions (like LeVay’s study or the lesbian parenting study), you criticize far larger and better constructed studies. At least be consistent in the standards you apply to evaluation of research. So, tell me which studies do you view as better studies of homosexual parenting?

  15. And wherever did you get the absurd idea that I fear or hate homosexuals? My beliefs about the intrinsic nature of marriage as a sexually diverse union have nothing whatsoever to do with my feelings toward or about homosexuals. In fact, there are homosexuals who share my beliefs.
    Further, my beliefs about the moral status of homosexual activity have no effect at all on my feelings toward homosexuals. My beliefs about homosexual acts don’t diminish the love I feel for homosexuals, the pleasure I take in their company, or the admiration I have for their good qualities. Perhaps you hate those who don’t share your moral beliefs or who engage in acts that you believe are wrong, but you ought not impute your modus operandi to others.
    Most people are fully capable of loving those with whom they disagree. Most of us in this wildly diverse world do it everyday. We love our friends, neighbors, colleagues and family members even when they hold different moral, political, and philosophical beliefs and even when they make life choices based on those beliefs.

  16. The Chicago Tribune today quotes disgraced IL GOP platform committee member Pat Brady as saying that those who support the existing marriage plank that recognizes the intrinsic nature of marriage should be less “strident.” This from the man who responded “F*ck u” to me in a text yesterday.
    In this same article, Ryan Higgins (no relation) from the 8th Congressional District said, “”Why can’t we be more responsive to those who agree with most of our principles?'” Allow me to translate: “Why can’t we change the platform to reflect the principles of those who don’t believe marriage has an intrinsic nature?”
    Maybe we could “be more responsive” to those who disagree with the GOP platform on tax policy, or immigration, or gun control, or environmental and energy policy, or school vouchers? Could we be more responsive to them by removing conservative planks in the platform on these issues–you know, to be more inclusive and build a bigger tent? Enquiring minds want to know where pro-life, pro-marriage Republicans can go once no party is “responsive” to their principles.

  17. HA!
    and my wife of 30 plus years, and I, think it’s hilarious that you interpret the attempted hijacking – by a bought and sold lifetime politician on behalf of the Dem party and gay mafia – of a major plank of Conservatism as “someone standing up for themselves”.
    And save your prayers for someone who gives a squat regarding gay ’causes’.
    I do not.

  18. This is why when you talk about Pat Brady, the usual punctuation in the sentence is “Ex-“, “Former,” and “One-time.” But as a wired-in Rauner insider, he definitely lets us know what Bruce thinks of us…

  19. I applaud all those who use their real names to express their opinions and beliefs here. Unfortunately Illinois is ruled by incompetent and corrupt Democrats because there are those who are too cowardly to use their own names, even on a site friendly to their own cause. What kind of Americans are these?
    Our Founding Fathers signed their death warrants with the Declaration of Independence…JOHN HANCOCK became famous for making sure everyone could read his signature.
    Opinions without real names attached, are worthless and cowardly.