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Rauner: Make compromise a reality – balanced budget alongside reform



Rauner-Head-Shot2BEDFORD PARK – Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner Sunday reiterated his call for rank-and-file members of the General Assembly to work alongside him to pass a balanced budget with structural reforms that will put Illinois on a path to prosperity. The legislative session is scheduled to end May 31st.

“I know we can get this done in the next nine days – a balanced budget, a mix of revenue and spending reductions alongside meaningful reforms that grow our economy and provide long-term tax relief to the people of Illinois,” Rauner said. “Republican leaders and members are ready to compromise and make this deal a reality, and I believe rank-and-file Democrat members are ready as well."

Governor Rauner noted that working groups of both Republicans and Democrats have been meeting in good faith discussing both a balanced budget and reforms, including local control of costs and contractors, workers' compensation reform and pension reform – long-term structural changes that can rescue the taxpayers of Illinois.

“I stand ready, but let me reiterate; I cannot and will not sign an unbalanced budget into law, and I will not agree to more revenue if we can’t provide taxpayers with assurances that we’ve passed meaningful economic reforms that will lower property taxes, grow the economy, and put us on a fiscal path toward future tax relief,” Rauner said. “We can get this done. Now is the time.  Our state’s future is in the balance.”


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