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And about the other rumor that Trump fired campaign manager …




NEW YORK – The other trending rumor Monday morning is the GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump imparted his infamous words "You're fired!" from "The Apprentice" TV show to campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is well, absolutely true.

“The Donald J. Trump Campaign for President, which has set a historic record in the Republican Primary having received almost 14 million votes, has today announced that Corey Lewandowski will no longer be working with the campaign,” Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks said in a statement to The New York Times.

“The campaign is grateful to Corey for his hard work and dedication and we wish him the best in the future.”

Evidently, Trump's latest polling showing him falling 12 points behind Hillary Clinton was enough for him to look to campaign newcomer Paul Manafort as his team's leader. 

The Trump campaign has been plagued by infighting between those close to Lewandowski, a Trump loyalist without major campaign experience, and the wing of campaign staffers loyal to Paul Manafort, a longtime Washington insider, the Hill reports.

The Republican National Convention is in July, and Trump is expected to officially win the party's nomination.

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  1. This is Machiavellian. It is about bargaining with the GOP establishment for their acquiescence and support to unify the party. Many of them have been acting like willful teenagers and refuse to go along since they didn’t win and the people rejected them. They do have a lot of soft power and connections though and could be harmful unless appeased. Lewandowski is an upstart and the poobahs of the party elite can’t stand mere plebeians having a central role. So he became the sacrificial lamb in this situation. Trump is a loyal guy though and I’m sure Corey will have a place later on down the road.

  2. Trump shouldn’t change. I’m hearing that his Orlando response, immigration pauses, profiling, pro-2nd amendment, is so awful among the general election “electorate” uhm, how stupid is the country??! Seriously. One change the campaign should make is to begin running lots of negative ads against Hillary. Driver her down at least.

  3. I’m just trying to figure out what the NeverTrump are going to run on after they dumpTrump (not going to happen because Trump is 300 delegates ahead). Seriously, all of the same polls that show Trump down 7 or 8 show Obama approval up 10. Gallup has Obama approval at 53-43%. What is NeverTrump going to run on? The awful economy, which 53% of Americans approve of? Healthcare, which 53% of Americans approve of? Or will we be stuck with a NeverTrump who is going to pander, who is going to pander with child tax credits, who is going to pander with homeownership and “compassionate” conservatism? I will NeverVote for NeverTrump.

  4. Nothing better than a Kim Kardashian train wreck featuring a left of center liberal Donald Trump.
    The wannabe apprentice president. Pathetic.
    Trump supporters own their master of disaster.
    Who is the real Donald Trump? He flips flops more than IHOP and routinely denies he says things, which are after all captured in videos when speaks.
    What a joke.

  5. mid term was about turn out. only the crazies and wackadoos showed up apparently… and HERE WE ARE. Look at the mess.
    One thing for sure Obama visiting the swing states Trump is ignoring because he is broke is going to be the nail in the coffin.
    Trump has no advertising in any swing state right now. ZERO.