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Republican Buzz: Either Trump starts to behave, or Walker could return




CLEVELAND – The presumed GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump continues to make the Republican elite, big donors and much of the conservative GOP base nervous. GOP governors are not all on board, past GOP nominees are playing their cards close to the vest – all concerned what crazy thing Trump will say, do or Twitter that will devastate their 2016 bid to regain the White House.

Already, Fox polling shows Trump losing six points and falling behind Hillary Clinton in the General – and that was before Trump's latest kerfuffle over the Indiana-born judge that's overseeing the Trump University lawsuit.

There's a lot of talk going on as to a possible Plan B in the works and the name of a savior – possibly from the north of us here in Illinois. Governor Scott Walker withdrew his support for Trump earlier this week – adding fuel to the fire.

"It's just sad in America that we have such poor choices right now," Scott Walker told a reporter from Wisconsin's WKOW on Tuesday. The news station reported that Walker "wouldn't say that whether would continue to endorse him going forward."

"He's not yet the nominee," Walker added. "Officially that won't happen until the middle of July and so for me that's kind of the time frame that, in particular, I want to make sure he renounces what he says–at least in regards to this judge."

Erick Erickson – a confessed #NeverTrump er – wrote about the developments Friday:

Based on all my conversations this week, here is how I think it will play out.

If Trump can go the next two weeks without unforced errors and can do interviews along the way without embarrassing himself or the party, his nomination is assured. Trump has to be able to go out, without the Teleprompter, give speeches, and also give press interviews. If he hides in a bunker for the next two weeks, he will damage himself with prominent Republicans and donors. They need to see that he really is growing up and toning down.

If Trump can do that, he is the nominee, and not just the presumptive nominee.

But if Trump cannot control himself and exercise self-discipline in the next two weeks, the Republican convention is going to spiral out of control and look to a savior. That savior is most likely going to come from Wisconsin. It will not be Paul Ryan, but Scott Walker.

Right now there are several separate similar efforts to unbind the delegates at the convention. The Rules Committee is key and sources I talk to expect the delegates to be split on the committee with about 30% for Cruz, 25% for Trump, and 45% willing to go in the direction that saves the party destruction. If Trump continues on like this week, those separate similar efforts will become one effort.

Behind the scenes, it has not gone unnoticed that many of the major donors who are still opposed to Trump were also Scott Walker fans. There are rumors cropping up that Walker might be wiling to entertain being a dark horse candidate if we get to the convention and Trump has spiraled out of control. Walker’s withdrawal of his Trump endorsement was seen as a positive sign in that direction.

Chicago Cubs' owner family's Marilyn Ricketts donated millions to a failed #NeverTrump ad campaign, but she and Uline owner Dick Uhlein have been Walker donors for a while.  

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  1. I will support any real Republican that the convention nominates.
    We have great governors, great senators, great people who have actually READ the Constitution and believe in our party’s platform.
    There is no reason on earth to destroy our brand with a reality-show clown.

  2. Was Scott Walker ever there to begin with? Where is he going to return from? Is he some sort of Sir Gallahad that the masses are pining for? He quit after the second debate. It is amusing how delusional these so called conservative intellectuals have become.

  3. There is no question that Curiel is a member of bar associations that have LaRaza as their affiliate or like the NHBA have gone after Trump for personal and not legal reasons. Anyone who wants to do more research onthis can figure it out and find I am right.
    (No Cureil is not an individual member of La Raza)
    So why does Trump not state real truths rather than going after the “Mexican” judge in such a stupid manner.
    He must learn some disciple and learn it fast! He has the issues on his side and he is blowing it. HRC will be a disaster but at this rate she will win. The electoral college favors her because of the large states and their Democratic 3rd world populations.
    So Trump must run a superb issue oriented campaign while,yes, being tough, and not like Milquetoast Romney who hid the last 6 weeks of the election. He had better learn it fast!

  4. If Scott Walker (or anyone else besides Trump) picks up the GOP baton, you will see the wallets opening up and the money pouring out to run a “decent” Republican candidate for President in November. You will also see the Republican Party cohesively come together as if somebody spilled Gorilla Glue on registered Republican voters for the first time since Ronald Reagan in 1981.
    And the GOP will suddenly become the “Big Tent” that they have been talking about instead of the “Pup Tent” that a delusional Donald Trump has managed to erect while trying to convince everyone that he has made “The Big Top”. A salesman (and a delusional and self-serving one at that ) is all that is to be found behind the curtain in the Emerald City in The Land of Oz.

  5. Are these people at all serious? Last I saw, Donald Trump had earned the votes of Republican primary voters so as to garner 1,542 delegates, quite a bit more than the 1,237 required for nomination.
    As of last week Trump was leading Hillary by 2% in the nationwide Rasmussen poll.
    And the Republican establishment crowd is still talking about doing some kind of smoke filled backroom fan dance with the rules to disenfranchise Trump voters? Talk about a potential disaster for Republicans downticket in November if something that essentially undemocratic and downright bizarre should occur!

  6. Since Walker first ran for governor, Republicans have done well at the state level in Wisconsin but they has not so far translated to carrying the state in presidential elections. Voters who support Walker for governor might not support him for president. If Trump stumbles again, the convention needs to think about big states like Ohio and Florida that are still winnable and create a path to 270 in the Electoral College.

  7. John:
    Ignoring the will of the voters by having a bunch of snobby elitists who have dismissed the concerns of the middle class for the last twenty years choose another nominee would do a hell of a lot more damage to whatever “brand” the GOP still has left.

  8. I have a feeling that Mitch Daniels would be another Republican candidate who would draw GOP voters to him like “iron filings to a magnet” if Trump were to flame out. Independents in a general election could easily vote for Mitch Daniels without having any qualms or reservations. I am afraid Daniels would probably have no interest in the GOP position but he would probably be the best GOP fit when it comes to the general election. Daniels might be willing to serve in that capacity simply for the good of the country. He would prove to be a perfect fit.

  9. If the party insiders pull a fast one at the convention and drop in a scab like Scott Walker, they’ll be thumbing their noses at every Republican who voted for Trump. You’ll see the GOP fracture and a new party form, like the Democrats are about to experience over their upcoming rigged convention. But then, given RINO “leaders” in Illinois like Bruce Rauner, Mark Kirk, and Pat Brady, it’s way past time to start a new Conservative party with REAL Conservative candidates…

  10. I have to laugh at those pushing the myth of the establishment republicans are better, how pathetic. Better how? They are liars, deceivers and don’t represent us. The platform and constitution have both been severely attacked by four of the last five republican presidents.
    The New World Order traitors couldn’t even support controlling the border and stopping the invasion of illegal aliens. The same illegal aliens who just stole billions by using the IRS, stole $3+ billion dollars a year from the tax payers of Illinois- one of the reasons we haven’t had a balanced budget for many years, even though its the law.
    There are republican Illinois congressmen who reward illegal aliens and support amnesty. Even though there are many in Illinois needing jobs. So don’t tell me about republicans and how great they are. Trump doesn’t fit into the mold, big deal…. he can’t be worse than the establishment trash the GOP will throw at us. My back is full of scars from the republican party knives. The tyrannical federal govt is the worst enemy the American people have and the republicans are part of the reason why. They don’t care what the voters back home wants, they only care about following orders from the shadow govt. So when the filthy rich giving the orders makes campaign donations they will get a share for re-election. Need I mention the 20 trillion dollar debt? Yea sure the establishment GOP is so good to us. The same worthless GOP that is working to give away this nation’s sovereignty, in violation of the constitution I might add…. I won’t be a party whore, they need to earn my respect. You #never Trump whiners need a dose of reality… the GOP as the kids say, “ain’t all that”!
    I could go on and on but it would be a waste of time as you GOP cult members wear blinders and like a small child will believe anything you’re told.
    You’re almost as bad as the sheeple who believe the commiecrat’s(democrats) communism is good and will work this time fairy tale.
    I don’t know how well Trump would do as president, but I know he won’t do worse than the freedom stealers that have preceded him.

  11. Wow.
    Who would qualify as a “decent” Republican? The divorced Reagan, Dole, and McCain? The cultist Romney? The rank and file Republicans are far superior to their Democrat counterparts but not their elected officials.
    If you think supplanting the elected nominee would unify the Republican Party then I must think you are one of the people that thought Peter Fitzgerald was a horrible senator and Alan Keyes was a stroke of genius.
    You and John Di Leo should coordinate your talking points. Is there a GOP brand or a Big Tent? Like the Democratic Party is the party of the scum of the earth, if there is a GOP brand it’s only that of the Chamber of Commerce.
    I’m still stunned at the thought processes of so many people lately. Just dumbfounded.

  12. Peter Roskam and Randy Hultgren and Adam Kinzinger had better pray to whatever gods they pray to, that the likes of RINOs like DiLeo don’t pull off the fast one they have in mind.
    Should that somehow occur, GOP candidates in IL would lose 40% of their base vote and their seats would go to Democrats.
    How arrogant and inane can these RINO Republicans be?
    Trump is leading Hillary per the Rasmussen poll and these left wing, internationalist Republicans would rather destroy the whole party than win!