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RNC Platform Committee reps ask Illinois GOPers: What should be in the 2016 Platform?



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SPRINGFIELD – Illinois Republicans will be represented on the Republican National Convention's 2016 Platform Committee by DuPage County's John Lynch and Champaign County's Stephanie Holderfield, and they're inviting Republicans to make their opinion known before the July convention in Cleveland.

Lynch was elected in the GOP primary to be a Trump delegate from the 3rd CD and Holderfield was on the primary ballot as a delegate for Dr. Ben Carson, after leading the state's Carson campaign. At the Illinois GOP State Convention in May, Holderfield was selected from 101 applicants to be one of Illinois' GOP's at-large delegates. 

12670353_10207559907970387_1129482404083998082_nHolderfield told Illinois Review Thursday that she and Lynch want input from Illinois Republicans as to what they want included in the 2016 platform. A website has been set up by the RNC to take in suggestions

"We encourage all members of the Republican Party to take a moment and visit the website, to be heard on important matters that are relevant to our Nation," Holderfield said.  "The site gives the opportunity for all Republicans voices to be heard by ranking issues in the order of importance for each category."

The 2016 Platform Document is currently being drafted from the current 2012 Platform, and the entire platform committee process will be live on C-SPAN "to ensure an open and transparent process during the RNC Convention," Holderfield said.  

The RNC is committed to changing direction in America, and they want to hear from Republicans in Illinois and nationwide – a contrast, they say, to the closed door process the Democrat Party implements.

"Transparency is the best option available to the people of America in order to 'Make Us Great Again!' Holderfield said.

Reince Priebus, the national RNC Chairman, explains the platform process in the YouTube below:


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