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State Sen. Matt Murphy on education funding bill




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  1. All public school have too much administrative costs. Schools should focus on the class room. Micro school district NSSD112 just added a Public relation person. This will not improve education in NSSD112.
    In God We Trust
    Carl Lambrecht
    847 432 8255

  2. Just like the term “Social Worker,” which makes my hair stand up and puts my teeth on edge.
    Who really needs these people? For decades we got along without these meddlers, and those decades included
    two world wars, the Korean conflict, and most of the Vietnam war era.
    Yet, today, nearly every school district employs at least one of these, as well as “Crisis Counselors.”
    And you wonder why school budgets and your property taxes are so high?”

  3. Don’t forget RTI (Response to Intervention) which has resulted in schools hiring multiple reading and math specialists, along with re-designing schools to create many “nooks” where specialists can work with small groups or one-on-one. There are also literacy coaches, instructional integration specialists, and resource interventionists. All these positions are in addition to classroom teachers and create huge costs to taxpayers, including pension costs.