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Trump: U.S. Supreme Court “blocked one of the most unconstitutional actions ever”


NEW YORK – In response to the U.S. Supreme Court's 4-4 split decision that effectively placed an injunction on President Obama's executive order attempt to supercede Congress in response to undocumented workers, Republican presumed presidential nominee Donald Trump issued the following statement Thursday:

Today's 4-4 Supreme Court ruling has blocked one of the most unconstitutional actions ever undertaken by a President. The executive amnesty from President Obama wiped away the immigration rules written by Congress, giving work permits and entitlement benefits to people illegally in the country.

This split decision also makes clear what is at stake in November. The election, and the Supreme Court appointments that come with it will decide whether or not we have a border and, hence, a country. Clinton has pledged to expand Obama's executive amnesty, hurting poor African-American and Hispanic workers by giving away their jobs and federal resources to illegal immigrant labor – while making us all less safe. It is time to protect our country and Make America Safe Again and Great Again for everyone.


  1. Did you notice how this article used the euphemistic term “undocumented workers” as opposed to the accurately descriptive term, “illegal aliens.”?
    This really illustrates how entirely useless the so-called “conservative movement” not to mention the Republican party have become.
    They have acquiesced to the neo-Leninist mindset and verbiage which have perverted our free American discourse.
    When leftists were chipping away at freedoms – from smoking to free movement at airports – so-called conservatives were AWOL. Same as with anti-white “hate crime” laws to the current anti-white “critical race theorists” which predominate in our schools – from elementary to university level.
    Republicans and mainstream conservative movement types have led us down the river to destruction. Now it’s time to turn to something else.
    In the short term, we’ll have to bullet vote for Trump and boycott all down ticket Republicans.
    In the long term — ????

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