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And the top five possible Trump running mates are …



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NEW YORK – Five Republicans have emerged as the most likely to be announced at the Republican National Convention later this month as Donald Trump's running mate on the November ballot – and none of them are from Illinois, but one is from neighboring Indiana.

The top five, the Washington Post says, are:  #5. U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama; #4. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin; and #3 – Indiana Governor Mike Pence. 

The Indiana governor is headed to New York City this weekend to meet with Trump and is being formally vetted, according to NBC News. Pence is a bit of a late arrival to the veepstakes as his name has only emerged publicly this week.  He does make a lot of sense for Trump, however. Pence is someone with strong ties to social conservatives, a voting bloc Trump continues to struggle to attract, and has spent time not only in Congress but also as a member of GOP leadership. Pence is also telegenic and a gifted communicator who hails from the part of the country — the upper Midwest — that Trump badly needs to make competitive.

And the top two VP candidates this weekend appear to be:

#2 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie – who endorsed Trump shortly after he dropped out of the 2016 GOP race himself; and #1 former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who hails from Georgia. 

Gingrich is at the top, the WaPo writes, because

He wakes up in the morning with 10 new policy ideas, he has spent time at the heights of Washington and he loves nothing more than upending the alleged wisdom of the political elites. Gingrich's weaknesses are similar to Trump's — he veers off message often, his personal life has been complicated and his ego is, well, massive — but Gingrich's recent decision to change his position on trade — he helped pass NAFTA but now says he supports Trump's more protectionist approach — suggests he knows he's very much in the running and wants to make clear he very much wants the job.

Illinois' top Republicans – Governor Bruce Rauner and U.S. Senator Mark Kirk – have both said they will not be attending the Republican National Convention this year. Kirk has been outspoken in his dismissal of Trump, who will be just above Kirk on Illinois' ballot in November.

Who would you like to see emerge at the top with Trump?


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  1. Can’t see Gingirch getting it since he passed NAFTA. That would undermine the entire ideological premise of the campaign.
    Senator Sessions is the best pick from an ideological standpoint if trade and immigration are going to be the central arguments of the campaign.
    I agree that Gov Pence would also be a good solid pick. Definitely helps with evangelicals and other conservatives. But if Trump can’t win them the race and the country are lost anyway.
    My recommendation would be the hammer away on trade, immigration and the global elitists who are giving OUR country away.

  2. Sessions is from Alabama, not South Carolina.
    Not certain how much Sessions really helps although I prefer him as President to anybody who has run so far.
    Christie is of no help whatsoever. Gingrich is too old and has waffled on such issues as amnesty and allowing states bankruptcy rights (I do not like deadbeats whether individual, corporations or individuals)
    Fallin and Pence would be good choices.

  3. Christie and Gingrich have too much baggage of their own and cannot help Trump in any state. Pence might be OK but why would he take it? The worst Republican candidate, even Trump, should be able to carry Indiana so why add Pence if Pence values his self respect. Ditto on Sessions because if Alabama is in doubt then there is no contest at all. Fallin is so little known and those who know her think she is light weight.

  4. Indeed he is.
    He is one of several here whom are bound and determined to elect another Clinton.
    They are obvious in their love – no, make that lust – for warmongering and corruption.
    And whatever else a Clinton might offer.

  5. Pence (R-Walmart) backed away with his tail between his legs when the perv lobby scared him up a tree after the pro-Christian bill the legislature passed last year.
    Pence also tried to pass amnesty while in the Congress.

  6. supporting Trump guarantees you Hillary… fool.
    lol… I love watching desperate folks like you latching on to the next Hitler who 80% of the country loathes. You ignore poll, you ignore your own people and you ignore what the man actually represents.
    A liberal friend of Hillary’s running under the GOP ticket so that he can make contracts and boost his profits while ripping the GOP apart and ensuring his gal pal wins.
    $10 says he bails mid summer once he realizes losing will ruin his brand name.

  7. here’s a another poll for you to ignore while thinking like a gorilla.
    Clinton is up 14% on Trump is the “swing” state of Iowa TODAY. Swinnnnggggg… right to Democrat with Trump on the ticket… LOL.

  8. dumbass. supporting Trump guarantees her win…. she is up 14% in a SWING state of Iowa. Thats a swing state thats gone BLUE.
    When he quits the race in August because he doesn’t want losing to tarnish his reputation… who will you have?

  9. I get to sleep well, knowing I did not support either ridiculous candidate. I can’t fathom how anyone can believe a word Trump says.
    It doesn’t matter, since as you say, my vote doesn’t count… or are you the typical Republican Party hypocrite that claims it only counts if following your party’s agenda?