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Duckworth to Trump: You’re not fit to be commander-in-chief!




PHILADELPHIA – Illinois Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth (D-08) reviewed her life history before the Democratic National Convention Thursday night. She shared how she worked her way through college, and how her colleagues saved her life after the Black Hawk helicopter was shot down.

"You are not fit to be the commander in chief!" Duckworth scolded GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

During the practice walk through earlier in the day, Duckworth – who is running to fill the seat President Barack Obama once held – wore a provocative t-shirt with the message, "You can pee next to me," a reference to the ongoing transgender bathroom use controversy.


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  1. Should someone already in Congress, wearing such an uncouth tee-shirt, be elected to ANYTHING?
    Unfortunately, her opponent for U.S. Senate is Mark Kirk.
    So much for “A Choice, not an Echo,” in Illinois.

  2. What an idiot! She criticizes Trump as being unfit for CINC. Hillary let four Americans be tortured and murdered… and she called friend. She did so to coverup the illegal gun running in Benghazi. so tell us again who is unfit to be CINC. Not to forget that Hillary has always been anti-military, like Obama she has no respect for those protect and serve.

  3. It’s incredible how she makes a non-issue an issue. Of all the problems the federal govt has to deal with, peeing isn’t one of them. Everyone use the restroom appropriate for your biological sex and stop whining about it, no one is being denied a place to pee.
    She is a very poor excuse for a congressman