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Former Gov. Quinn launches video for Chicago Mayoral Term Limits



CHICAGO – Former Governor Pat Quinn has release a video as part of his campaign to bring term limits to the office of Chicago mayor.

In a letter to supporters, Quinn wrote:

Happy Independence Day, a time to recall the sacrifices made to achieve liberty from King George III and his tyrannical taxes.

Today, I’ll visit the statue of Revolutionary War heroes George Washington, Robert Morris and Haym Salomon in Chicago’s historic Heald Square.  I’ll honor their struggle to replace a mad monarch with an elected President and Congress.

We’ll also unveil a new campaign video called – appropriately – "Revolution"; I wanted to give you an exclusive sneak preview. The brief film features George Washington arguing for term limits as he crosses the Delaware and John Adams being perplexed that Chicago’s Mayor isn’t term limited. Produced by Columbia College videographer Christopher Rohrbeck, "Revolution" also salutes Presidential term limits. …

… As you know, the Take Charge Chicago binding referendums call for a term limit on the Chicago Mayor and direct election by voters of a Consumer Advocate to represent Chicago’s beleaguered taxpayers and consumers. And taxpayers are about to get even more beleaguered when the record-high property tax bills arrive, beginning this week.


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