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Thorner/Clarke: It’s not about Hillary or Trump, it’s about ending corruption



Black Panther Philadelphia
Obama's corrupt DOJ intervened and these voting poll intimidators were set free

By Nancy Thorner and Ed Clarke - 

This election is really not about Trump or Clinton. It is about whether we want to continue having a corrupt Justice Department, a corrupt IRS, a corrupt FBI, whether we want to continue denying children the opportunity to go to charter schools to improve their education, about the make-up of the Supreme Court, and there is so much more. 

We know that the Democrats will continue to march lock step toward a country that suppresses minority opinions, that takes over more of the economy and reduces economic opportunity, and makes the world a more dangerous place for US citizens.  Republicans have demonstrated that they believe in the rule of law, love their country and support a strong national defense. A President Trump would be reined in by the Democrats in Congress and by the divided Republicans in Congress.

At this point it really doesn't matter if Trump is sufficiently conservative or a closet Democrat.  To the extent that Trump starts conversations with a negotiating posture, it may have no relationship with the final outcome.  We believe that Trump will act as a problem solver who first loves his country and the opportunities it offers people.

Some may question why we call the Justice Department corrupt. They must not recall 2008, when two Black Panthers stood outside a polling place in Philadelphia. They wore camouflage, combat boots, black berets and carried a truncheon. They threatened whites and poll watchers that approached the polling place. They were charged, tried and found guilty by a judge.  But before sentencing, Eric Holder and his Justice Department intervened and decreed that civil rights laws were there only to protect blacks and not whites. The case was dismissed. The head of the civil rights division resigned in protest.

Then there is Fast and Furious, a program through which ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) sold rifles to the Mexican drug cartel. The rationale given was to trace the guns to the criminals. The claim was that the Bush administration had used that tactic successfully. The Bush administration in a program called "Wide Receiver" had used the tactic successfully by implanting RFID devices in the rifles. The cartel eventually discovered this and removed the RFID tags.  At this point the Bush administration stopped the program. The real reason the Holder justice Department resurrected the program was to discredit the gun lobby. When Congress investigated and demanded relevant documents, the Justice Department refused, thereby covering up its mistake.

And don't forget the IRS scandal in which conservative groups applications for tax exempt status were delayed indefinitely leading up to the 2012 election. Congress investigated. Lois Learner pleaded the Fifth and resigned.   Leading up to the investigation, the IRS Commissioner had visited the White House some 150 times and White House counsel had been in contact with Lois Learner. The Justice Department refused to turn over requested information to Congressional committees.  

Corruption at the DOJ is not only troubling, but it also limits the degree of confidence and trust Americans can place in their own government. 

In the case of Benghazi, after Obama and the State Department promised to cooperate fully with an investigation, the Justice Department refused to enforce the Congressional subpoena requesting information. Key players were not allowed to testify before Congressional committees.

Then there is the case of Mrs. Clinton’s private email server. it is now clear that the FBI investigation was a sham. During a July 7, 2016 House investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private, unsecured email server, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) ripped apart James Comey for how the investigation was conducted. 

If Hillary Clinton becomes President, the Justice Department, the IRS and the FBI will continue to be weapons the Democrats use against liberty and justice for all.


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  1. Electing Trump would be helpful to restoring the rule of law, but we must be mindful of the Democratic operatives entrenched in the Federal bureaucracy (usually as civil servants) who will work to frustrate needed reforms.

  2. Even if corruption is ended, or at least reduced significantly, what are we going to do with the millions of demented, voting millions who are more concerned with watching Jerry Springer, Oprah reruns, Ellen Degenerate, MTV roasts and ridiculous adulation for tattooed, women-attacking illiterates who drop an inflated sphere through a hoop or run with an air-filled pigskin to a goal post?
    How will reduced the welfare rolls which pay for emotional, arrogant and uneducated baby factories?
    How will we stop fake “refugees” who will terrorize our streets and DEMAND everything for nothing?
    One action that can be taken is to CUT DONATIONS TO SO-CALLED RELIGIOUS GROUPS who fund and encourage illegal immigration…especially in my own Catholic Church with its socialist bishops and pope like Cupich. STOP PAYING FOR YOUR OWN EXTINCTION!
    Another is to remove from office all filthy politicians who gloat over the invasion of America.
    And I’m just getting started….

  3. I feel safer on a personal, as well as national, level with Hilary Clinton. Donnie is a loose wing nut, and I’d prefer to keep the wheels on the cart. Vote Clinton, vote Johnson, vote Green – any of these are more stable than Donnie. Vote sanity!

  4. You are so right! One of the biggest scams is refugee resettlement, with the Catholic Bishops and Lutherans up there as the worst offenders. These so-called “charities” are actually government agencies, almost entirely funded with tax dollars…millions and millions of dollars. With our money, they lobby Congress to increase the numbers of refugees, regardless of whether or not it is good for U.S. citizens. They work hand-in-hand with companies (meat packers like Tyson) who want to hire cheap labor. They also support illegal immigration and the Bishops are suspected of being behind the huge numbers of “unaccompanied minors” flooding across the border in 2014.

  5. Really? Safe? Hillary is in favor of bringing as many as 650,000 un-vetted “Syrian” refugees. Have you been following what is happening in Europe? Paris, for example, is unrecognizable with migrants camped all over the once beautiful streets. Do you live anywhere where you rub shoulders with refugees or see women in burqas in your town? Probably not if you are voting for Clinton, but if she increases the numbers, they will be where you live too. Will Hillary fight terrorism? Probably not since Saudi Arabia gave $10 to $25 million to the Clinton Foundation. She also engineered the sale of 20% of U.S. uranium to Russia (some people say it is more like 50%). Yes, the world will be safer with Clinton…NOT.

  6. The “650,000 unvetted refugees” talking point was rated False by Politifact. Furthermore, literally no one is suggesting letting refugees into this country unvetted. The vetting process for access to the US is over a year long.

  7. The vetting process was shortened to 3 MONTHS in April by Obama. The 18-24 months vetting time is a LIE that continues to be repeated. Senator Sessions recently held hearings on the refugee resettlement process and government officials confirmed that since there are basically NO databases to verify information given by the refugees; they go just on what refugees tell them. So you’re OK with letting in people who cannot be checked AT ALL. Since Obama shortened the vetting to 3 months, the numbers of refugees flooding into the U.S. has dramatically INCREASED with record numbers in June alone.

  8. You’re right, I didn’t realize they’d made the process more efficient. That’s good 1.5-2 years to vet a refugee is an absurd about of time.
    I’m glad we can all agree that the idea that Syrian refugees are “unvetted” is not true.

  9. They are still “un-vetted” if there are no databases to verify what they are saying is true. And they do lie. But you’re fine with that, just letting thousands of people into the country that we know absolutely nothing about and can’t verify whether their story is true. Does that work for American citizens? When was the last time you applied for a job that didn’t require fingerprinting or a background check?

  10. Except a vote for Clinton is a vote for the Clinton corruption machine: Sydney Blumenthal,James Carville, Doug Band, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Cheryl Mills to name just a few. Some of Hillary’s lieutenants drew salaries from both the State Dept and the Clinton Foundation. Do you remember Vince Foster in lawyer in charge of Clinton dirty tricks who, in his suicide note wrote, ” As an ethical person, I don’t believe I could be involved in what they are doing.” Mr. Trump has support from Dr. Ben Carson, Rudy Giuliani and Chis Christie. I would go with them any day over the sleaze associated with the Clintons