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Early exit polls show voters unhappy with both Trump and Clinton



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NEW YORK – News organizations began releasing exit polling results this afternoon, and among their findings, an overwhelming number of those polled by Fox News said they were bothered by Trump's treatment of women and Clinton's use of personal email server.

Seventy-one percent of voters said they are bothered by the real estate mogul’s treatment of women, while 28 percent say it doesn’t bother them, according to Fox News.

There's no reference to how they felt about former President Bill Clinton's treatment of women.

However, sixty-two percent of those polled said they were bothered by the controversy over Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email server. 

  • Thirty-eight percent of voters are Democrats, 31 percent are Republicans.  
  • Seventy percent of voters are white, 12 percent are black, 11 percent are Latino, 4 percent are Asian. In the 2012 election, 72 percent of the electorate was white, the low mark for white voters. 
  • Clinton's favorability with Election Day voters is 44 percent while Trump's is 37 percent
  • Trump leads Clinton by 1 point with white college graduates, a group Mitt Romney led by 14 points in 2012. But Trump tops Clinton by 36 points with white voters with no college degree, a larger gap than Romney's 2012 lead.
  • Sixty-nine percent of voters are dissatisfied or angry with the federal government.


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