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Illinois congresswoman calls Facebook racist




Congresswoman Robin Kelly, an extreme progressive from Illinois, was one of four members of Congress to write Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg accusing his company of indulging in racist practices. Kelly, who promotes "multiculturalism" considers Facebook's multicultural marketing to be racist when it comes to housing advertisements the social media giant carries.

"We are writing to express our deep concerns with reports that Facebook's 'Ethnic Affinities' advertising customization feature allows for advertisers to exclude specific racial and ethnic groups when placing housing advertisements," Kelly wrote in the letter to Zuckerberg.

Kelly and her fellow politicians were reacting to a report by the left-wing ProPublica that claims Facebook's ad portal allowed advertisers to target specific groups and exclude users based on their "ethnic affinities," using data that the social network has collected on its users.

"Multicultural marketing is a common practice in the ad industry and helps brands reach audiences with more relevant advertising," Facebook said in a statement. "We've heard from groups and policy makers who are concerned about some of the ways our targeting tools could be used by advertisers. We are listening and working to better understand these concerns."

Kelly responded by claiming that companies like Facebook would be more sensitive if they hired more Blacks and Hispanics. She was strangely silent concerning all other ethnic groups. Some argue her muteness is, in fact, racism by omission.



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  1. If it wasn’t for “racism” these anti-White windbags would have nothing to talk about, except maybe the shooting of their neighbor’s unemployed rap-artist baby daddy while he was studying for his GED in a parked car at 3 am.
    She says she’s tired. It should be she’s TIRESOME!
    Useless time-wasters like Kelly are glamorized and lionized by trash wrappers like the Sun Times and other faux news sources.
    If she’s concerned about gun violence, SHE SHOULD TALK TO HER CONSTITUENTS…THE KILLERS WITH THE GUNS! The illiterate jerks are so stupid they can’t even shoot straight, the real reason why little innocents are shot while inside a house during a drive-by!
    These imbecilic dimwits do everything but solve problems! They just strut around acting like they know something!

  2. Most Illinoisans fail to recognize that Obama and Hillary Clinton are merely the tip of the iceberg. The Illinois Congressional delegation is also filled with Alinskyites posing as “Democrats.” Davis, Kelly, Quigley and Schakowsky are all tied to hard core leftist groups. They use the
    Democratic party label because Communism does not sell with the American electorate.