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State Rep Jeanne Ives on property taxes in Illinois




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  1. The schools and education system in Illinois take over SEVENTY-THREE PERCENT of our property tax dollars.
    How many teachers in your local schools are making over 90k a year? How many are over 100k a year?
    Time to start asking hard questions of the local SCHOOL BOARD candidates who are asking for your vote in the upcoming April 4th local election…

  2. You are entirely right about the outrageous salaries being paid to public schoolteachers – and more particularly – public school administrators — which are often in the $200,000 + range.
    But if you are seriously thinking that the sheeple property taxpayers in the Chicago area are ever going to stand up to these school boards, you are just whistling Dixie.
    The vast majority of the local school board members are hand-picked by the Teacher’s Unions – and those unions spend huge amounts of money in school board elections and they just roll over any periodic grass roots taxpayer opposition.
    This, combined with general taxpayer/voter apathy gives the Education/Big Labor a clear running field.
    When there was recently a serious, politically adept conservative school board candidate in Glenview, the Teacher’s Union elites kept him off the ballot by finagling with the school board election procedures, which they controlled.
    As long as people don’t really seem to give a whit – they just will have to be content to pay through the nose.

  3. Robert, IMO its a massive Racket. The Racket includes state and local pols including school boards which are loaded with retired teachers, public sector unions esp. the teachers unions, pension boards which are loaded with retirees and pensioners and also the actuaries hired by the pension boards. How else do you explain an Illinois high school PE teacher making $160K in her last year teaching and a starting pension of $130K. Because of the Racket!!!