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Why the Repeal of ObamaCare Means a Giant Tax Cut for the Middle Class




Aside from screwing up insurance markets, Obamacare raised a lot of taxes, too. That means repealing Obamacare is going to be a tax cut, writes Grover Norquist: “By passing legislation repealing ObamaCare through budget reconciliation, lawmakers have an opportunity to remove nearly 20 taxes which will save taxpayers more than one trillion dollars over the next decade. Repealing these taxes is a huge win for middle class taxpayers, who were hit with an avalanche of tax increases despite Barack Obama’s “firm pledge” not to sign “any form of tax increase” on any American making less than $250,000. The trillion dollars in higher taxes have restricted health care choice, increased costs, made saving more difficult, and granted government more control over care at the expense of individual control.”

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  1. What he’s not telling you is the increase to the national debt. While the GOP is chocking the ACA act out of existence… they have no substitute. People will lose insurance, insurance will go up, medical costs will go up. And it all going to add up to be much more than a trillian dollars.
    The trillion is Norquest is licking his lips over will got to the wealthiest Americans. Poor Americans will be back paying for insurance thats too costly or they’l be back to using emergency rooms.
    30 million people will lose insurance.
    7 million see $4800 tax increase
    5 million see drug prices go up $1000 a year
    200,000 tax break for the top one tenth of 1%

  2. So the greatest country ever on the face of the earth
    cannot furnish high quality low cost health coverage to its citizens. The U.S. health rating keeps dropping as compared to other countries. Cancer is being cured in other countries while we spent (borrowed) a TRILLION on Afghanistan & Iraq! Now we must make a
    threat out of Russia and keep the war machine rolling.
    That’s all for now, you can go back to sleep SHEEPLE!