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80 percent of registered voters reject sanctuary cities, new poll says




WASHINGTON DC – Chicago city officials and Illinois lawmakers that defend cities, counties and municipalities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration law enforcers might do well to consider a new survey that showed 2000 registered voters as overwhelmingly opposed to sanctuary jurisdictions. 

The poll, conducted by the Harvard Center for American Political Studies, showed that 80 percent of the respondents said they think cities that arrest illegal aliens for crimes should be required to turn them over to immigration authorities.

Only 20 percent of registered voters say they oppose cities being required to turn criminal illegal aliens over to the feds.

When asked if they support the President's executive order that called for the building of a border wall and for hiring additional Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, 52 percent said they supported the order, while 48 percent opposed.

When asked about the order's different sections, 75 percent said they supported hiring additional ICE agents. 47 percent supported building a wall on the Mexican border.

Saturday, taxpayers opposed to a bill introduced in the Illinois House that would make schools, medical facilities and churches "safe zones" for those in America without legal documentation will be meeting at the State Capitol. 


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  1. A Chicago Puerto Rican/American girl who I know (who surprisingly is a big Trump supporter) was amazed when I told her that the City of Chicago will likely lose $26.4 billion if they maintain their “Sanctuary City” insanity.
    How will all these holier-than-thou libs feel when they are driving thru Chicago streets which have more potholes per mile than the streets in Nairobi, Kenya?