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Celebrate Black Conservatives: Illinois’ Dr. Eric Wallace


Illinois' has an impressive array of black conservatives that have over the years consistently worked to further good, old American values throughout the state – and we're celebrating them during the month of February.

Olympia Fields' Dr. Eric Wallace, founder of Freedom's Journal Institute, has authored books and columns and organized conservative efforts in Illinois. He's respected nationally among black conservative leaders. And, he would say, his closest partner and co-worker is his wife Jennifer.

Wallace has run for statewide and local political office promoting what he calls the "LIFT Principles" – Limited government, Individual freedom and responsibility, Free Enterprise and Traditional Values."

He now promotes the RISE principles, as described on his website.


  1. In Sept. 2009, Dr. Wallace announced that he was running for the U.S. Senate, and I worked for his campaign for about two months. He dropped out because he didn’t get enough volunteers or donations. I still think that he would have been a better senator than ex-Sen. Kirk, since Dr. Wallace agrees with the republican platform.

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