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Political heat rising on GOP’s Roskam



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The political temperature is rising not only in Washington but here in Illinois, with a fair amount of jostling over the future of veteran west suburban GOP congressman Peter Roskam.

In the past few days, at least three groups of Roskam constitutents have gone public with gripes that the Wheaton Republican and aides are refusing all requests to meet with them on issues of interest, especially the future of Obamacare.

In addition, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the party's House campaign unit, put both Roskam's district and that of adjoining suburban Rep. Randy Hultgren, R-Wheaton, on a target list of key GOP seats it will go after in the 2018 elections.

Roskam's office replies that he frequently meets with all sorts of groups and suggests that Democrats are just playing politics.

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  1. Not sure how accurate this is. I’ve seem Roskam several times lately. I think his seat is pretty solid. I’m more worried about the democrats seat as the Trump momentum continues to grow in Illinois as people see the failed democratic policies resulting in thousands leaving Illinois almost daily.,
    Peter Roskam is speaking at a city club lunch on March 6 where he will take Q&A. Plenty of good seats still available. I don’t realky have a question but feel free to email, message, or post one here that I might ask.

  2. Get him out.
    1 term for all congressmen, then time to get back to being a productive citizen and stop sucking off the taxpayer teat.
    Roskam, you did your time. Some good time, some wasted time. Overall grade of C.
    Now go home.

  3. If Rep Roskam helps put an end to Obamacare, he will have people like me going to bat for him against these crazed libs. If he drags his feet with other feckless republicans and delay full repeal, or pass some “Obamacare Lite”, then good luck to him. The district is becoming increasingly purple and he will need the help of real conservatives.

  4. LakeCoConserv, I agree that Rep. Roskam has been in Congress too long. He’s in his sixth term, and 12 years is too long. I hope that Roskam won’t run, in 2018, and that Jay Kinzler will replace him. Jay is more conservative.

  5. let be known I did supported Roskam in 06 and 08 and 10, but….
    It should be noted that Peter really only cares about Pete. This is a fact, in fact during the Leadership Debacle in 14 See this link for some details.
    Any rate, the inside story that I was told was he did not have the respect from his peers,because his peers did not trust him and also his association with some local Gop politicians of less than stellar reputations.
    see this link from Illinois review…
    Well in order to understand a guy like Pete, you have to see how he rose from the political crucible of Milton township politics…
    For reference see this to understand milton township and Pete
    Any rate, I have and will support Jay Kinzler.
    He is the real deal, and cares about the little guy not him self.