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Effort to hike Illinois’ minimum wage to $15 passes House Committee



SPRINGFIELD – The activist group #Fightfor15 has been picketing in Chicago and Cook County to raise the area's minimum wage to $15. They're gaining momentum, the say, as the effort to raise the minimum wage statewide to $15 passed committee Wednesday, moving onto the House Floor for consideration. 

How much do you plan to pay for hamburger and fries with a minimum wage at $15? 

How many businesses do you think will shutter if this becomes law?

If this were to pass into law in Illinois, the state would become the first in the Midwest with such mandated hourly wages. Only California, New York and D.C. are in the process of reaching $15 per hour by 2022, according to the NCSL's chart located HERE.

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  1. There are many starting “professional” jobs that pay around $15/hour or less. For example, teaching assistants who are required to be certified and/or have at least 60 hours of college credit often earn less than $15/hour. Same thing for people starting out in the library science field who have MLIS degrees. So why bother to go to college at all if you can get a job without any qualifications whatsoever and earn $15/hour? $15/hour for 7.5 hours equals $112.50, which is more than a substitute teacher makes. A typical work year has 260 days, so a full-time hamburger flipper would earn almost $30,000/year.