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St. Rep. Batinick sets down foot: Budget bills or forget my vote




SPRINGFIELD – On his way down to Springfield Monday, State Rep. Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) was uncharacteristically cranky when he emphasized that he wouldn't be supporting any non-essential bill brought to the House floor until a state budget appears for consideration.

"There's no button to say 'Hell No,' but if there was, I'd be tapping it," Batinick said. "Until there's a budget, I will vote only 'No' or 'Present' on any bill that is not budget-related."

A state like Illinois going 22 months with no budget is far too long, he said.

Although he'll dutifully be in attendance at the Capitol, Batinick plans to vote on only four categories of essential legislation: any budget-related bills, legislation that would make state government more efficient, legislation that has the ability to produce private-sector job growth, and any bills that impact immediate public safety concerns.

“We have to put our priorities in the right place,” Rep. Batinick said. “Right now, that means passing a state budget and ending this destructive, unnecessary impasse. I may be only one legislator, but I can do my part and set an example by personally refusing to participate in wasting the legislature’s time by voting on any bills that are non-essential or distract from the most important thing we should be doing right now, which is to pass a budget.”


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  1. But he won’t tell Rauner to submit a balanced budget like the IL Constitution says the governor was supposed to do 2 years ago? I don’t get it. Take that back. I do get it. Like almost all the state reps and senators, Rauner funds his campaign.

  2. So what else is new for the Party of No?
    Batinick is behaving like a two-year-old having a tantrum. He should inform the Governor that step one in the budget is for the GOVERNOR to present a balanced budget for the legislature to vote on.
    Come on, Gov, let’s see your balanced budget – a true balanced budget, not reliant on fantasy future events.

  3. In every year Madigan has been Speaker up to last year, Madigan has just ignored the governor’s proposed budget and passed his own budget. The last time Madigan passed a balanced budget was in 2001. Since then, compliant governors went along with Madigan’s unconstitutional unbalanced budgets. Madigan passed budgets dropped Illinois into the worst financial shape in the nation. Illinois’ financial problems can be summed up in one word, “Madigan”.