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Republican House members get on board Madigan’s budget plan




SPRINGFIELD – Hoping to hold off Illinois bonds being dropped to junk status, Republican members of the Illinois House jumped on board Speaker Madigan's proposed budget Friday afternoon, the 10th day of a governor-called special session.

At midnight, Illinois became the first state to enter its third fiscal year without a budget. 

Of the House's 51 Republicans, 23 agreed with the Democrats that the budget proposed by Speaker Madigan the day before ($5 billion away from being constitutionally balanced) was acceptable and should be supported. House Minority Leader Jim Durkin urged support for SB 6, saying the "revenue" portion of the budget was yet to be considered.

Read: the Democrat proposed income tax hike is on its way and is likely to have Republican support.

Which Republicans abandoned conservative fiscal policy in order to please the Democrats and pass SB 6? Almost all the Downstate Republicans climbed on board Madigan's budget plan, plus several from the suburbs that had to be confident a pro-Democrat vote wouldn't endanger them in the 2018 elections.

The 23 Republicans that deserted already overburdened taxpayers in their districts include: Andersson, Bennett, Bourne, Brady, Bryant, Butler, Cabello, Cavaletto, Davidsmeyer, Durkin, Fortner, Hammond, David Harris, Hays, Jimenez, Meier, Phillips, Pritchard, Reis, Severin, Stewart, Unes and Welter. 

Every one of the House's 69 Democrats voted yes. They needed four Republican votes to reach the super majority requirement to pass bills after the May 31st session. 

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  1. This is yet another typical, liberal, feel-good solution. What happens when reality sets in and boat loads of high wage earners make a beeline for the state line? Of what value will the tax rate increase be when there is no one left to pay any tax? Pure, shortsighted stupidity.

  2. We almost beat Nick’s predecessor, Ed Sullivan, with a $15,000, 4 month grass roots campaign. Nick Sauer will always be a good little boy on the official votes, even though he will vote for Jim Durkin for “Republican” leader. We lost this vote a long time ago because we allowed fake Republicans like Rauner, Durkin and Radagno to get to leadership posts. All we can do now is primary everyone of these “Republicans” who voted to make Madigan the uncrowned king of the state.

  3. I’m with Dave , They all need to change their names to Judas Iscariot ………..they sold us out !!
    Madigan must have pictures of all of these so called politicians in compromising situations .
    Where are the TERM LIMITS ? The Tax Freeze ? Paying down our debt ?
    Isn’t serving in politics a privilege and not a profession ?
    Time to start leaving this state …..in droves !