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What if your boss took away your last raise?




SPRINGFIELD – From an Illinois taxpayer's Facebook post Friday morning, as paychecks begin to reflect Illinois' latest 32% state income tax hike: 

If your boss took away a well-earned raise weeks after it appeared on your paycheck, you'd be upset and demand justice. Why should it be any different when Illinois lawmakers vote to take away your raise with another state income tax hike?

It's time the people of Illinois take these tax hikes just as personally and respond with righteous indignation. After all, politicians are taking your hard-earned money to make up for their poor judgement in spending and favoritism to their buddies. 



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  1. Voting out the Values of the Cullertons and Madigans is necessary. We need also to remove their sheep and find real people with real moral values to represent the people of Illinois.
    God Bless Illinois
    Carl Lambrecht