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IL GOP supports Rauner signing measure to ban state law enforcement’s cooperation with ICE


CHICAGO – With no call to the families of those who've died at the hands of illegal immigrants in Illinois, Governor Rauner signed into law Monday a bill requiring Illinois law enforcement to end cooperation with federal immigration authorities and ban stopping anyone suspected of disobeying federal immigration laws.

The IL GOP pushed out the following press release in full support of the Governor's actions, pointing to a segment of the state's law enforcement that does not want to partner with ICE.

As published by Illinois Review Saturday, not ALL Republicans and law enforcement agree with the party:

Illinois Law Enforcement Supports TRUST Act
SB 31 helps local police focus on their sworn police duties, keeping all Illinois communities safe

Today, Governor Rauner signed Senate Bill 31, the TRUST Act, into law. This legislation empowers local law enforcement to focus on their sworn police duties and go after dangerous criminal offenders, keeping our communities safe.

Here's what law enforcement leaders have to say about the TRUST Act: 

"Don't believe what you may be hearing – this is not a sanctuary state bill! I would never support that. This is a good bill that will make Illinois a safer place. Law enforcement must use every tool available in order to protect our communities from the true predators on the street. The relationships built because of this bill will give police officers and investigators a much better chance at convincing victims and witnesses of violent crime to come forward." - Republican Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran

"I embrace this bill because it allows law enforcement to do their jobs better and in a safer environment, plain and simple. It does not make Illinois a sanctuary state, and it does not conflict with federal efforts aimed at sanctuary cities. Law enforcement put their lives on the line every day. This bill simply gives police another tool to protect our communities and find the people who have committed serious crimes by encouraging victims and witnesses to come forward and cooperate with law enforcement.”  – Republican Lake County State's Attorney Mike Nerheim 

"Don’t believe a lot of what you’re hearing about the Illinois Trust Act, which Governor Rauner will sign into law Monday (SB 31 HA3).

"It will not make Illinois a 'sanctuary state.' Not even close, despite what some critics and headlines are saying. So don’t worry, it’s not happening. We are pleased that Governor Rauner [signed] the bill." – Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police

Last week, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown interviewed Republican Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran on why he supports the TRUST Act:

…Curran runs the third largest sheriff’s department in Illinois in a county that is roughly 20 percent Latino.

Elected in 2006 as a Democrat, Curran switched to the Republican Party in 2008 and won re-election twice more.

Last year he ran as a Marco Rubio delegate to the Republican National Convention but in the end voted for Donald Trump for president to keep Democrats from controlling the Supreme Court.

Most important for our purposes today, he is a committed supporter of immigration reform and to limiting the role of local police in immigration enforcement — another complete switcheroo from when he came into office as a self-described “hard-liner.”

That makes Curran one of the key supporters of legislation Gov. Bruce Rauner intends to sign Monday that would restrict how local police interact with federal immigration authorities.

…In addition, the TRUST Act would prevent local police from stopping, searching or arresting anyone based on their immigration or citizenship status.

Again, that’s already how it’s done in Lake County, Curran said.

…“If you’re pro-life, this is a life issue,” Curran said. “It’s not simply the unborn child. It’s the dignity of the human being. These are people number one. At that point in time, I knew I was totally wrong.”

Separating police work from immigration enforcement also makes sense from a law enforcement perspective, he said.

…“In order to police these communities, protect these communities from the true predators, you have to be able to pull up with lights and all and not have widespread fear and panic among citizens that really have nothing to do with the crime.”

Consider the source. A good one.


  1. They are law breakers Curran… why are they above the law?? Was it moral & dignified when they knowingly broke our immigrations laws?? your law enforcement parallels and third world banana republic’s. When you knowingly have a law breaker in your jail and you refuse to cooperate with federal law enforce, you are hiding a law breakers. Curran, you can spin it all you want, but that is what you do.

  2. Flash forward 14 months and stupid Republicans and Happy Conservatives will be telling us we have to put our big boy pants on and that Rauner is bad (they’ll “agree”) but he’s much better than Pritzker. Oh, and work your tails off so we elect more Republicans so Michael Madigan can’t pass any more tax increases.

  3. The Illinois GOP almost always supports its incumbents.
    Rauner is an incumbent.
    So was George Ryan.
    So was Dennis Hastert.
    Want me to go further with this?
    This is why the Illinois Republican Party is an ineffective JOKE.

  4. Another vote I wish I had never made for Governor of il! I am 82 yrs old & never missed voting! The Bushes endorsing Hillary, the Republicans in the Senate not standing behind the President we the people voted for and now it looks like this current Governor has finished selling the citizens to the secret obama party! The democrats let Obama rip apart the Democrat party my Dad voted for & now our State along with our Country has been sold to the devil! I will never call myself a republican again!

  5. There is no Republican Party in Illinois. There is only the Rauner Party. As Diane Rauner says, “It’s Bruce Rauner, first, last, and always.” And now Bruce Rauner has turned us into a Sanctuary State, and Bruce has signed the Automatic Voter Registration law so illegal aliens will become legal voters when they go the DMV.
    Anyone still want to tell me Rauner is a “Republican” and not a RINO? Make my hashtag #NotVotingIn2018

  6. I disagree with not voting even though I agree Bruce Rauner shouldn’t get any vote from us. I know of efforts to get a good candidate for Governor and there are plenty of people running against bad Democrats and bad Republicans that can use our votes in the primary and the general election.
    Most people who talk about not voting haven’t lifted a finger to try to change things by working in the primary as I have as a Republican precinct committeeman. 180 more votes for Dillard would have given us a real Republican Governor in 2010 instead of that fake Bill Brady who managed to lose what should have been a slam dunk election.
    The reasons why liberals win despite being only 20% of the population is that they work in elections while conservatives listen to Rush and pontificate on Internet sites. Thanks to Trump, we really have a chance to purge out the “Me, too but slightly less” Republicans that have run the Illinois Party since 1966. Trump and Scott Walker proves that if you fight, you can win. Our enemies in both parties have never been more exposed and vulnerable. I look forward to a clean sweep in 2018 nationally that should trickle down to us here in Illinois. Rauner and the rest of the “Republican” leadership will be gone in 2019. If we fight, we have a chance to have a real Republican as Governor, the Republican Party Chairman and the two Republican legislative leaders.

  7. He is what they are and vice versa. They have been this way long before Bruce Rauner came on the scene. Did you forget George Ryan, Judy Topinka, Pat Brady, Mark Kirk, Christine Rodogno, Tom Cross? Rauner’s a perfectly good Republican and fits right in with them.

  8. Most people who talk about not voting haven’t lifted a finger to try to change things by working in the primary as I have as a Republican precinct committeeman.
    Citation needed.
    Most of them have and have given up on the GOP that used them to work in their precincts and then betrayed them once in office.
    180 more votes for Dillard would have given us a real Republican Governor in 2010 instead of that fake Bill Brady who managed to lose what should have been a slam dunk election.
    Thank you for proving my point. A guy beholden to teacher’s unions instead of an incompetent fake. Yawn. Both no better than Rauner, Ryan, Edgar, Thompson.

  9. We held our nose to support Rauner and it was a mistake. It would have been better to have a freak’n Democrat in there so in 2018 we could at least have a backlash.
    Rauner has also DESTROYED ballot integrity in Illinois. I have despised him since the day I met him. He is a lying SOB who deserves a special place on the despicable wall.
    Jack Roeser is rolling over in his grave in disgust.
    Rauner will lose in 2018. I for one will NEVER support him, period. No reason to.

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