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ACLU dances on the grave of Henry Hyde – thanks to Republican Gov. Rauner


CHICAGO – Despite his campaign rhetoric, Bruce Rauner may go down in history as one of Illinois' most socially and culturally transformative governors. He'll certainly be listed among the most effective for the Democrat, progressive left.

On Thursday, Rauner signed into law the widely unpopular HB 40, which lifts the ban on taxpayer funding of elective abortions and codifies Illinois as a pro-abortion state regardless of what the U.S. Supreme Court may decide regarding Roe v. Wade.

Not surprisingly, the ACLU is ecstatic and hailing Rauner as a hero of their ghoulish, "pro-choice" cause.

They're also dancing on the grave of the late Illinois Congressman Henry Hyde, who, 41 years ago today, passed the Hyde Amendment that banned taxpayer funding of abortion and saved approximately 2 million unborn lives.

With the help of Gov. Rauner – who promised voters he had "no social agenda" – the ACLU sees Illinois as a harbinger of future victories across the country. They may be politically and eugenically correct, but they'll be culturally, ethically, and historically wrong. Thank you Gov. Rauner.


  1. Hey, remember how during the waning days of the 2014 election that a so-called “Tea Party leader” from Downstate IL said — and the Illinois Review dutifully printed — “Put on your big boy pants and vote for Rauner?.”
    I didn’t vote for him – but how did that all work out for you?

  2. It’s really funny how RINOS in Illinois including select Illinois Tea Party leaders thought that Rauner was a cure for all their problems.
    These same individuals mocked social, fiscal conservatives who issued warnings before his election that Rauner and his wife were hardcore liberals.
    Shame on all of you.

  3. Chairman Mao, President Cullerton, Speaker Madigan and now Governor Rauner have the same socialist and communist values.
    Their are over 1,000 people in Illinois with moral values. That could do a moral and fiscally correct job. We need to chose one person for Governor to correct our corrupt issues in Illinois. I voted for Rauner. Never again!!!
    Two Atheists started the second world war.
    God Bless Illinois
    Carl Lambrecht

  4. This time the Left and Rauner are “on the wrong side of history” as they love to say in their cliche mode. They are losing the long-term battle thanks to changing public opinion due to the educational impact of sonograms. A few older professional women, like Mrs. Diana Mendley Rauner , are holding on to a rear guard action popular with their generation but not with younger women.

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