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How Schools Create and Prevent Events Like Charlottesville



Unnamed (8)Teresa Mull, School Choice Weekly - 

The recent violent events surrounding Civil War statues in Charlottesville, Virginia – as well as the follow-on protests, defamations, and vandalism at other cities across the country – could have their root in what is taught, and not taught, in our nation’s schools. The Washington Post appears to have just realized this week that what kids are taught in schools has consequences? Good job, WaPo. And now, since what students were taught in government schools seemingly contributed to the Charlottesville disaster, how about we put two and two together and get government out of schooling? READ MORE


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  1. Woodrow Wilson did not learn to read until he was 10 years old.
    Many public schools at one time used the bible in public school.
    Now God is absent in public schools
    In Illinois the bad influance of the Madigan and Cullerton families are doing damage to our schools.
    Every teacher is a professional. Yet school spent seven times too much on administration.
    Every school has a Public Relation department contributing nothing to education. Yet in the state of Illinois over ONE BILLION DOLLARS IS SPENT OF PR.
    God Bless Illinois
    Carl Lambrecht