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After “crushing” Rauner before Tribune editorial board, Ives discloses $500k donation



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CHICAGO – Monday at the Chicago Tribune, Governor Bruce Rauner and State Rep. Jeanne Ives met in the only one-on-one forum the governor has agreed to leading up to the March 20th GOP gubernatorial primary. 

Rauner, who has thus far refused to publicly acknowledge Ives is challenging him, may do well to check his consultants' advice. He does have to win the March 20th primary BEFORE he can take on a Democrat.

The GOP grassroots are abandoning the governor as they learn more about his challenger, and after this editorial board, Ives was deemed by many viewers as a serious opponent.

Here's what Tribune columnist John Kass had to say after the meeting:

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 4.36.39 PM

Here's a link: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/politics/95786566-132.html

Also, the reveal of a $500,000 donation from Dick Uihlein after the board raised previously skeptical eyebrows. 

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  1. Jeanne Ives will win the primary if Republicans take ONE HOUR – to listen to this.
    You go, Jeanne Ives – you are right, this IS a character issue. No one trusts Bruce Rauner.
    He was emasculated in this debate.

  2. All Ives did was she is has the exact same plan as Rauner, but is way to right if him and most voters. She also made several false claims while talking about honor and integrity. She was rude and interrupted numerous times. And after complaining about how every goes for Rauner’s checkbook, she has sugar daddy Uihlein give her an allowance.
    After this, she proves she;s neither a wonk nor a true leader, just a Sarah Palin light with no plan besides anger. The sooner she loses and we can get back to adult matters the better.

  3. I watched the whole debate. Was disappointed Tribune feed went off three times losing most of their audience., I liked that John Kass asked about another debate but Rauner would not answer. They covered a bunch of topics.
    I say Jeannie Ives won by “knockout” to use a boxing metaphor.,
    WBBM 780 radio just reported on it , saying “Ives interupted continuously” yet made no comment about rauner laughing continuously. Some call it the #theraunerchuckle which actually was not funny. WBBM as usual gave a biased news story which actually was opinion, not news.
    Watch the video, Rauner had little new to offer other with the old “we have a broken State” and “Madigan is a problem.”
    Jeannie Ives looked good and again I declared her the winner. #ivesforillinois

  4. I see that the Rauner and Pat Brady minions are already feverishly typing to support their failure of a governor. Of course, as good RINOs, they clearly back Rauner’s success as a Social Justice Warrior: Rauner’s Sanctuary State, Rauner’s taxpayer-funded unlimited abortions, Rauner’s automatic voter registration for illegal aliens, Rauner’s middle finger to the U.S. Supreme Court by declaring IL an eternal abortion state (regardless of any future Court decision on abortion laws)…
    Say it with me, RINOs: VIVA’ SENOR RAUNER!!!

  5. Win what? She has accomplished very very little as a Stat Rep for the 42nd district.
    Pray tell, what bills did she sponsored, and passed.
    Jeannes only has accomplished is to rudely screed about how bad things are in Illinois. She has absolutely no history of legislative accomplishment. She will have no ability to move the conservative foot ball forward.

  6. WOW!! Amazing. State Rep. Ives is so vastly superior to this billionaire North Shore jamoke, Rauner – that it isn’t even funny.
    Do you really think he wore open collared shirts in corporate board meetings, when he was engaged in buying out American companies and selling American workers down the river?
    Billionaire North Shore, jamoke, RINO Rauner, will be engaged in a TV-AD fight against his fellow North Shore billionaire, Lib-Dem, JB “fatso” Pritzker.
    And this serious, staunch conservative, Rep. Jean Ives could well sneak in there, under the radar.
    Everyone, should tweet out – or FB out – or email out – a link to this video on their personal sites.
    I’m going to.

  7. Jeanne Ives proves over & over again that she is the candidate who has the most in-depth knowledge of the issues that face Illinois, and REAL solutions to those issues. By watching her actions in the Legislature for years, I find her trustworthy, principled and a person of integrity. She cares about Illinois and the people of this state. Rauner has NO integrity. The people do NOT trust him. He has LOST the base. He should STEP ASIDE now, for the good of Illinois and for the good of the people of Illinois.

  8. Hey Rabbit – you keep ducking the two questions:
    1. Do you think Rauner voted for Hilary Clinton or President Trump?
    2. If Rauner hasn’t been in charge the past four years why would the next four be any different?

  9. Won the debate you imbecile. Learn how to read. Try to stay on message.
    The liberal football has been moved forward swiftly with Rauner not in charge.
    Why do you think that would be different in the next four years?
    Do you think Rauner voted for President Trump or Hilary Clinton?

  10. There’s no name calling. Just an obvious assessment. Mark said she won the debate, you replied with “Win what?” You are an idiot.
    Which facts have you laid out? The fact is Mark said Ives won the debate and you said “Win what?”
    Who is drinking grape Koolaid (sic)? I have no dog in this fight, I’m just interested in seeing that Rauner loses. Whichever opponent does not matter. This state can’t begin to heal itself until Rauner is gone.
    Do you think Rauner voted for President Trump or Hilary Clinton?
    If Rauner hasn’t been in charge the last four years, how would the next four be any different if Rauner were elected?

  11. I would think Republican voters care.
    Since Rauner is running in a Republican primary and has turned off lots of Republicans I think it’s a valid question for many Republican voters.
    Do you think Rauner voted for the Republican nominee for President? Or did he vote for his “former” party’s nominee for President?
    If Rauner hasn’t been in charge the last four years, why would the next four be any different is Rauner were to be elected?

  12. Rauner did attempt to keep Republicans from overriding his veto – he supported the tax increase, he said as much. We did not all fall off the turnip truck.
    You can keep saying the Sanctuary State Act is not a sanctuary state act but the rest of the state and the rest of the country knows otherwise.
    That’s why the Wall Street Journal rated Rauner as the worst Republican governor in the country. There’s a lot of Republican governors. And he’s the worst. Wow.

  13. You better believe it… If the “Dark side” of Jeanne came out, and it will, NO sane person, Republican or otherwise, would not vote for her. Jeanne as not chance of willing and just does damage with screeds and no intelligent solutions.
    Rauner was being a gentlemen and Jeanne a Boar.