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GOP State rep threatened with “shot in the f****** head” in anonymous voice mail




WINFIELD – Tensions over a GOP primary race in DuPage County have ratcheted up to an anonymous death threat level. Friday night at about 10:30 PM, an anonymous caller left the following voice mail on State Rep. Peter Breen's (R-Lombard) campaign phone: 

(Caution: Voicemail contains vulgarities and a death threat)

"You're a scumbag douchebag m*********** you and your lyin' politics you f****** piece of s***. Someone should shoot you in the f****** head. That's my opinion you f****** piece of garbage."

Download Voicemail

"There's nothing worse than having your wife listen to a voice mail like that," Rep. Breen told Illinois Review Monday morning. "We've received a handful of angry voicemails since the situation with Burt Minor developed. This is the first death threat we've ever received. We've notified the Lombard Police Department."

Breen said tensions continue to heighten since he called on GOP primary candidate Burt Minor to step out of the 42nd House race after GOP candidate for attorney general Erika Harold accused Minor of using offensive language concerning her sexual orientation and race when Harold and Minor met last fall.

Breen stepped into the controversy after asking Minor about the accusations. "As I said in my statement, Burt Minor doesn't deny he used those terms, and he confirmed to me and an assistant that he did," Breen said. 

Minor is supported by the DuPage County Republican leadership and endorsed by the Daily Herald, which referred to Minor in their editorial as "a moderate." Minor endorsed Bruce Rauner in the GOP gubernatorial primary – despite the governor calling on Minor to step out of the race last week.

Breen was the first to urge Minor to step out of the 42nd House race, as did gubernatorial primary candidate Jeanne Ives. Breen is actively supporting conservative Amy Grant in the 42nd House race to fill the vacancy being left by Ives' bid for governor. Grant has also been endorsed by pro-life groups and Illinois Family Action.

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 8.18.49 AM

DuPage Democrats are already energized and tapping into the controversy. They are likely  to take advantage of the controversy by ratcheting up efforts to pick up a House seat in a traditionally Republican area where their "DuPage Blue" movement is growing.

If Minor emerges as the party's nominee, GOP observers expect the Dems to refer to allegations of Minor's racist and sexist comments in the run up to what could be an even nastier 2018 General Election. 

"It's time to stand up against a bully," Breen said. 


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  1. If you recall, Jeanne Ives had one of these calls a few years ago and the perpetrator quickly tracked down. Courts took a long time to adjudicate but as I recall the penalty was stiff, and the fellow lost his job immediately after being charged too. The public’s rebuke was pretty swift.

  2. Defamation of a good person (Burt) is very disturbing too…
    Read the The Crucible, by Arthur Miller and you can understand the problem.
    Trial and conviction by accusation…
    Peter Breen has been engaged in some very dirty politics and this is the results – why should that be surprising?
    Win at all cost, destroy those that stand you your way regardless of truth. That’s the Peter Breen way

  3. Can’t wait to see how the DuPage Co Republicans defend Burt Minor when the Democrats saturate this “blueing” district with mailings and ads saying the GOP candidate “denies” using racial and sexual derogatory terms – when the candidate above him on the General ballot (AG) says he did.
    Mr. Minor may hand deliver the first Democrat representing the 42nd House District while the rest of the party is desperately trying to oust them statewide.
    It doesn’t matter what happened, folks – it’s what the Dems will say happened. This district is in big trouble.

  4. So, just so I understand, Peter Breen and his handler, Kevin Fitzpatrick dropped a malicious bomb on Burt Minor late last week. Minor’s social media overwhelmingly showed their support for him. Breen and his Handler did not get the show of support they expected.
    So, lo and behold a “death threat” happens. Listening to the recording there is no evidence that this is the direct result of their attack on Burt Minor. But hey, “folks” does that stop Peter Breen and his handler from bringing it up? Of course not “folks”.
    Law Enforcement is involved so Peter Breen and his handler release the voice mail to the public? No offense Fran, I love you but they release this to Illinois Review?? Forgive me if I’ve watched too many episodes of Law and Order but wouldn’t that hamper a real investigation? You know if this really happened and wasn’t a staged incident to worry us “folks”? I would think Law Enforcement would only release the recording if they actually needed the public’s assistance. But nice try telling us “folks” about the incident, mentioning the helpless wife and innocent baby while using this as an opportunity to shill for us “folks” to buy tickets for his upcoming fundraiser. Wouldn’t a Notre Dame law school graduate know better than to hamper an real police investigation?
    The bottom line is that Peter Breen and his handler have a despicable record in the dirty politics arena. I remember the mailer they gave the ok for when the pro-life mayor of Lombard first ran attacking his wife. They also told everyone what a tramp a pro-life female candidate was and they further insinuated she had an abortion.
    The message Peter Breen and his handler are telling some of us “folks” is that we may forget to vote for him in November. At least with Madigan’s candidate we know what we are getting. We now know what we are getting with Peter Breen as well and it stinks something awful.

  5. JAFO –
    Your comment has been published in its entirety to represent your perspective.
    Hopefully, the 42nd House District will be proud of the person they ultimately choose to represent them in the November 2018 General Election.
    Illinois Review

  6. To IR, I live in the 42nd district and I will not be proud if Amy Grant wins though this kind of malicious, dirty destruction of a man’s reputation. Shame on Peter Breen and his little puppet, Amy Grant.

  7. I’m hearing rumors that Amy Grant will drop if she wins and Jeanne Ives will be slated, after she loses her primary run for governor. No surprise that Minor is being attacked since he would stay in the race. Not defending Minor for his actions, but the timing is very suspect. Typical dirty politics. Here’s hoping Grant loses so we don’t have to put up with 4 more years of the bigoted Ives.

  8. It is appalling that you all are not horrified that this state rep received a threat to his life. I can’t believe None of you are condemning the threat and the person that made that call. Minor is never going to be elected. If he loses the GOP primary, Madigan will do everything to get a Democrat elected. And you all will get what you so foolishly embraced. What a sad state

  9. Definition of a bigot: a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions. I can’t think of a person who fits this definition better than Ives. Proof in her bigoted commercial, proof in her stance on abortion, and the list goes on. I am not saying I disagree with her, but she is most certainly intolerant of those who do not agree with her, and that makes her a bigot.

  10. Her ad simply revealed the effect Governor Rauner’s policies had on Illinois. You may not be comfortable with the ad, but many of us are uncomfortable with the policies and their effects on our children, our state’s finances and our state’s future.
    You’re “bigot” hysteria is embarrassing and a deflection attempt. We’re not buying it.

  11. Any one you don’t like, point the finger at then any yell “Bigot”. (A passage from Peter Breen’s book… “how to destroy your enemies reputation fast”). That’s where I learn my trade craft from.

  12. I simply As a state representative, she is supposed to represent us, all of us, and not just those who hold her opinions. She is mean and downright nasty to those who do not agree with her. It’s been demonstrated in public forums many times. That makes her a bigot. Attack the statement all you want, but someone who is intolerant to those holding different opinions is the definition of a bigot.