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Libertarian gubernatorial candidate hopes to offer alternative in November election


SPRINGFIELD – Not enthralled with either of the two Establishment Party candidates running for governor, Illinois conservatives are looking for an alternative they can support in Illinois' November election. 

At least that's what people are telling Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Kash Jackson

"I've been traveling the state for several months now, courting the Libertarian vote to get the party's nomination. But what I've learned is that people are completely disenchanted with the two mainstream parties, and they're looking for a viable alternative that comes from their background, that can relate to the middle-class American background. Someone that will fight for what they believe in," the Lake County resident said. 

A key problem is that as a nation, Americans are polarized these days, he said. 

"We've been pitted against each other in a variety of ways: religion against religion, man against woman, race against race, gay against straight, whatever," Jackson, 39, said. "The politicians and mainstream media is equally responsible for polarizing our country. I'm really opposed to that. I'll bring something completely different to this election. I seek to recognize our commonalities as Americans and human beings, and focus on that." 

Jackson's background was featured over the weekend by State Journal Register's Bernie Schoenberg, who mentioned that the candidate retired from the military in a little over 10 years ago.

The big topic for Illinois voters in November will be how candidates plan to fix Illinois' financial crisis. 

A place to start would be not spending more than the state takes in, Jackson said. "What about tying our tax revenues to the health of our economy? The state's spending is outgrowing the state's economic growth – that results in more and more debt," he said. "We need to reduce the state's taxes – including property taxes. It is immoral that we can tax our senior citizens out of their homes."

Jackson said he would like to see a 2/3 voter referendum before property taxes are raised anywhere. He favors transitioning towards a consumption tax over income taxes, fully aware such a change would demand a change in the legislature. "An income tax is immoral because it's not consensual," he said. "Several other states do not have income taxes and do just fine without them."

Like most Libertarians, Jackson is for legalizing cannabis and unlike many Libertarians, he's pro-life. He's also a staunch supporter of Second Amendment rights.

Jackson said he hopes to grow the Libertarian Party by encouraging down ballot races in legislative districts where incumbents are rarely challenged. He says he's confident the Party will surpass the five percent statewide vote threshold in November – a crucial goal for any "new party" in Illinois to become an established party.

As for gathering the needed 25,000 petitions signatures before June 25, Jackson says his team of volunteers are "ahead of schedule," and of course, can use more help. 

For more information, see Jackson's website at www.kash2018.com.

More to come on this, an other races, in the days ahead …


  1. He sounds good, right up until the subject of illegal aliens and immigration comes up…then the most disingenuous tap dance you may have ever witnessed begins…yet another person who does not believe in the idea if an actual country and nation being able to refuse to admit outsiders.
    So essentially we have three open borders advocates running…yea for Illinois, go team (well I should say that in Spanish…)

  2. “Jackson is for legalizing cannabis”
    What a mixed up world. It’s a misdemeanor to smoke tobacco even in public locations, but OK to smoke pot. Kash might not know about the effects on young kids who quite predictably would in some way get it from older siblings.
    Has he been endorsed by Cheech and Chong?
    Who would he be at reelection? HASH Jackson?
    Kash and his cohorts don’t think of the consequences.

  3. As usual, we have a choice of a ‘For Sure Crap Sandwich’ or two ‘Probable Crap Sandwiches’. I’ll just skip that vote and continue on to the down ballot candidates. But many usual voters won’t even bother to vote due to the sad selection.

  4. What a mixed up world. It’s a misdemeanor to smoke tobacco even in public locations, but OK to smoke pot.
    Moreover the state has moved to keep employers from discriminating from hiring dope smokers.
    As a consultant this is why I have not advise a single client of mien to expand in Illinois in over a decade. Illinois is hostile to small business.

  5. While underage consumption is still a misdemeanor. Illinois is the stupidest state in America. It’s California, without beaches, Mediterranean climate, national parks, mountains, real Alpine skiing, deep sea fishing, wine, the redwoods……….

  6. For every ‘live science’ article there is an opposite article that proves otherwise, DL.
    It’s past time society recognizes that WE ARE NOT GOING TO ARREST OUR WAY OUT OF THIS PROBLEM!
    This is Al Capone times 1,000,000 as the Deep State is
    involved, so since you understand this is a mixed up world, what is your solution? The two party ‘system’ with no term limits? Oh, we’ve tried that and it ain’t

  7. If that’s true then this Libertarian candidacy is a non-starter.
    Where did he fan dance around the “sanctuary state” immigration issue? I’m guessing it was in a radio interview, because he doesn’t even bother to mention it as an issue on his campaign website.
    Since the Libertarian CATO Institute is avidly for open borders, one guesses he is too.
    Libertarians want a free flow of labor across national borders – an international free market in labor, which is a recipe for a new American sweatshop economy — and an absolute destruction of whatever remains of the middle class.
    Seems Illinois voters have absolutely no sensible choices in this Gubernatorial election.

  8. Clint Eastwood wrote:
    Where did he fan dance around the “sanctuary state” immigration issue? I’m guessing it was in a radio interview, because he doesn’t even bother to mention it as an issue on his campaign website.
    He was on Proft’s morning show on 560am. And he sounded great until immigration. By great I mean it was not necessarily the message but the articulation. After listening to the current candidates for months it was refreshing to hear someone who was linguistically adroit. the Proft pressed him on immigration and it was like watching a multi-car crash in slow motion.
    Sad too, as I was all ready to circulate petitions for him up until then.
    This election is going to have low turnout. The Constitution party is running Kelly…so no help their. So there is no place for conservative, law abiding, moral voters to turn.

  9. How can you be in the military and be for open borders??? Useless libertarian crap. PM…you talking about William Kelly running for the Constitution Party? He’s a ton better than Sam “Big Labor” McCann and Kash “Open Borders” Jackson. No one will say it but the guy was right on about Rauner.

  10. Kelly won’t crack the coveted barrier to establish the Constitution party statewide for ballot access.
    Personally I think the dope smokin’ libertarians are a better choice for becoming a long term thorn in the Democrats side in tight elections. I play for the log terms, there is no win for conservatives in this election, just choices you can make for the long term. To me the best play is to help the Libertarians get future ballot access in order to upset the democratic apple cart in future races and welcome in governor Pritzker.
    Pritzker is the perfect person and from the correct party to hang the demise of IL on.

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