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Who’s affecting change in your state capitol? This week in Illinois, it’s Planned Parenthood


SPRINGFIELD – Who is able to take time away from work, board a bus or organize a carpool, head to the State Capitol and press lawmakers to pass legislation you and your colleagues want to see passed? 

This week, taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood documented their day meeting with lawmakers – and other like-minded policy pushers, including gun control advocates and LGBT rights proponents.

Maybe Governor Rauner and the Republican establishment whose jobs and appointments depend on the governor don't want Illinois Republicans to care about, address or divide over social issues, but when will the Left step back from their social agenda? 

The Left in Illinois is forming coalitions and pushing ahead on legislative efforts requiring public school history books teach about historical figures bases on how they prefer sex, amending the US Constitution to remove obstacles to abortion, and restricting gun rights in the state. 

Here's what Planned Parenthood-Illinois – now taxpayer-funded and wildly emboldened after having a growing number of Republican lawmakers and the Republican governor support their viewpoint – did Wednesday, according to their own Twitter Feed:



  1. I am not against everything the PP does. But there should be no taxpayer dollars to support this group.
    Another ideological political power base that should be eliminated from the public trough and be 100% funded by private contributions.

  2. Racist Baby Killers having the values of Margret Sanger and Adolf Hitler.
    Go on line and link Margret Sanger and Adolf Hitler. You will see Margret Sanger is worst than Adolf Hitler.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  3. I find no small irony in this group of genocidal baby-killers supporting gun-control groups who call us NRA members “baby-killers”. I am happy to be a life member of one of America’s largest human rights organizations.

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