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DePaul Univ. Prof: Leftist academics ‘waging a war against America’




DePaul University professor Jason Hill warns that college campuses are "becoming national security threats" because "leftist professors" are turning them into "propaganda machines" that teach students "to hate this country."

Hill contends that the best solution is to defund universities and "rebuild them with conservative principles" such as individualism, capitalism, and self-reliance.



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  1. I’ll bet this article will be the end of his academic career once the liberal “professors” hear of it.
    I say “hear,” because I doubt they will lower themselves to actually READ it.

  2. Lot of truth to what is being said.
    However how do you defund universities and particularly private colleges and universities?
    Is Hill trying to just gain attention or set up a separate fund raising operation because otherwise this flies in the face of reality?
    Citizens. particularly alumni, should put heat on the University Presidents and the Boards that govern these institutions. Do it in writing and request a meeting as well. Get others and go along in a group.
    And don’t contribute to any university that you do not approve of.