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Kinzinger security system detects Democrat opponent worker being “sketchy”


CHANNAHON – Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) doesn't like that his home security system showed his Democrat opponent's worker being "sketchy" around his home in Channahon. Kinzinger suggests the prowler is connected to his opponent Sara Dady from Rockford.

From the photos posted, it looks like the worker is handing out literature, something fairly common for campaigns to do, especially if they don't have funds to do TV or social media ads.  Still, Congressman Kinzinger is concerned …


  1. I’m not sure what the point of this missive from Kinzinger’s paid press team is – other than to say – hey – he’s a Republican – back him.
    Well no.
    He’s been squishy on immigration. He is in the Chamber of Commerce’s pocket on H1-b and H2-b visas for cheap foreign workers, and their families – depriving American kids of sustainable tech jobs, and forcing American taxpayers to school their immigrant children.
    Kinzinger, you have to understand, that after the Rauner deception – you RINOs are on your own.

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