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Burr Ridge mayor resigns



6a00d834515c5469e2017ee3e02c87970dBURR RIDGE – Burr Ridge Mayor Mickey Straub's name became familiar to Illinois Review readers in 2012, when he took on the adventure of visiting all 50 state capitals and finding words referring to God and the Bible in each one.

Since that time, Straub sought and won the office of Burr Ridge, IL's mayor. 

With the help of Liberty Principles PAC, Straub tried to oust Republican House Leader Jim Durkin in the March 2018 primary. The battle was bloody – and Durkin fought back furiously. Durkin ultimately won re-election, only to lead an even smaller GOP House caucus than last session's. 

Straub didn't refer to what had to be an exhausting race in his resignation letter written this week. Instead he said he would be returning to building his company and working on writing a long-delayed book about his 2012 trip. The time spent for a $6000 per year stipend no longer made sense to Straub.

He wrote in his resignation letter how much he enjoyed being mayor of Burr Ridge, and explains: 

Back in August, someone told me about a guy who was retiring after Labor Day and asked me, "If you woke up on Tuesday and had nothing to do, what would you want to do?" I didn't have to think more than a second when I replied, 'I would finish writing my book about the 50 Capitols in 50 Days trip and go out and spread my love for God and country.' I knew at that moment that my days as Mayor were numbered and my recent experience in politics made the decision even easier. So I started planning my departure and it is finally arriving, not by coincidence, on the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address… 

The rest of Straub's resignation is HERE.  His 10 Top Lessons in Politics:


Editor's note: We look forward to reading that book, Mr. Straub. Thank you for your service.


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  1. Why did this guy run for an office when he couldn’t commit four lousy years? If he knew there was a chance he wouldn’t finish the term why did he bother running? Does he think he’s Susanna Mendoza?

  2. Sounds like he was a good guy who got stabbed in the back by the GOP and wants to distance himself from the corruption, lies, and dysfunction. I know of no one who gets a good look at the internals of the IL GOP who is not fundamentally appalled by what they witness.
    Part of the reason there are so few precinct committeemen, is enthusiastic, idealistic folks join, only to find out, within a couple of years, how little ideals matter in the GOP.

  3. Young Man, I happen to work for Mr. Straub and you do not even KNOW what you are talking about.
    You have no idea the lies that were told about this Gentleman.
    Please don’t cast aspersions on someone you don’t know. And you do NOT have any of the facts.
    Just wish this nice man well, and try to be kind.
    There is enough strife lately.

  4. Then please answer the question… If it is not health reasons, why did he run for an office when he couldn’t commit four lousy years? It’s not a tough question. I don’t doubt that there may have been lies told about the man. Is that why he could not finish out a four year term?