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Time for new conservative leadership as abortion numbers climb higher in Illinois




CHICAGO – New abortion stats emerged this week, showing Illinois' numbers rising to nearly 40,000 annually.

Not only are more expectant mothers coming into Illinois to abort their babies because their states are passing more and more restrictions on abortions,  Illinois taxpayers began picking up the tab for Medicaid abortions last year. The numbers are certain to be higher in 2018.

Abortion advocates celebrated by calling Illinois a "reproductive rights haven." 

According to the 2017 report, there were 39,329 abortions in Illinois, up from 38,382 abortions in 2016. While reported abortions on Illinois residents increased approximately 0.5 percent, the number of reported abortions on out-of-state residents increased 21.6 percent from the previous year, bringing the number of abortions performed on women from out-of-state to 5,528.

“This increase is indicative of how truly regressive we are when it comes to protecting pre-born children in Illinois,” said Mary Kate Knorr, Executive Director for Illinois Right to Life.  “Illinois is an outlier amongst our neighbors, whose legislatures have consulted science and found that discouraging abortions is in the best interest of their residents. Terry Cosgrove’s Personal PAC spends absurd amounts of money in elections to intimidate our legislature to maintain the extremely pro-abortion majority in Springfield.”

Cosgrove says abortion restrictions are not to protect innocent lives, but to stifle women's automony.

“So many states around us are enacting dangerous restrictions that put the health and lives of women at risk, so women have no choice really but to come to Illinois,” he told the Chicago Tribune. “It isn’t anything but pure misogyny.”

Cosgrove has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past few election cycles to strangle the growing prolife caucus in the Illinois House. In one fell swoop a month ago, Cosgrove eliminated an array of Republican prolife lawmakers and knocked off prolife Republican candidate Erika Harold in the attorney general race.

“Illinois is critical to the abortion industry's bottom line, and our extremely pro-abortion General Assembly is its puppet on a string,” continued Knorr.  “These numbers will continue to increase as long as Cosgrove and his abortion PAC continue to strong-arm our legislators.”

As a member of a younger generation, Knorr recently stepped into the role of directing Illinois Right to Life. It was deemed by many as a courageous career move into one of the nation's toughest challenges for prolife advocates.

She and the next generation of pro-life conservative leaders have a formidable task ahead of them. 


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  1. Remember in the World War 2 their was the Axis. It was three men.
    In Illinois we have the Axis Madigan, Cullerton and Rauner.
    They are the baby killing team. Rauner is leaving because of his baby killing values.
    Now we need to help the other two to correct their ways.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  2. How about you liberals raise your children to value human life? Stop teaching there is No shame in murdering an unborn baby and sometimes born baby. This same liberal trash also supports the murder of 60 million unborn and some born babies since 1973. The liberal hypocrites set the example of murdering 60 million babies since 1973 for the children to learn murder is a problem-solving tool. Then the hypocritical dirtbags whine about gun violence and blame the guns instead of their failure to set a good example for children by valuing human life. The Commiecrats teach human life has no value and then feign surprise when Chicago has 100’s of murders. Abortion and democrats alike are deserving of our hatred for causing people to not value human life. Abortion is man’s inhumanity to man but democrats lie and call it reproductive rights! It sickens me to know people like Cuomo who try to justify the murder of an unborn baby. Of course they don’t allow the unborn baby a “right” to life, every sane person knows life begins at conception and knows the democrats teach children in Chicago to NOT value human life by example. The liberals don’t care about the lives snuffed out, as long as they can murder unborn babies. And then the blame the guns for murders and wonder why there is gun violence… their hypocrisy is obvious