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Thorner: Is the 2018 voter chaos a taste of what to expect in 2020?




By Nancy Thorner - 

Why doesn't Europe and Canada have our election farces?  They use paper ballots counted in precincts. Meanwhile, the Florida stealing is more exposed every day.  A Broward County deputy reported that a civil rights attorneys were handing out absentee ballots to inmates after the election, Broward County voting equipment was found stashed at an elementary school, and Democrat lawyers want a judge to change Florida law to hijack the election.  Even Jeb Bush conceded that the Democrats are cheaters when stating that the Broward election chief should be removed from office. 

It’s difficult to deny what has so openly taken place, such as when Broward County election officials blocked the view as ballots were bundled and bagged in the Davie Florida voting center.  Even so, Jeb Bush is not about to admit the main reason why the Democrats are close in Florida and overwhelming in California. The Geller Report says it is because of illegal alien voting.

There was, however, some good news as of Thursday, November 14, 2018, DeSantis has all but won the governor's race in Florida, given that after a machine count tally DeSantis was still 1.4 points ahead of Democrat Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum – enough, making a hand count unnecessary. 

More suspicious state elections?

Regarding Arizona, Adrian Fontes, an attorney representing clients in narco-terrorism and firearms scandals, faces accusations of employing corrupt vote-counting practices.  Maricopa County delivered a late-breaking lead to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema in the U.S. Senate race with Republican Martha McSally. McSally led the race for two days until large batches of votes in Maricopa County flipped the lead to Sinema. Jeff Flake, in speaking for the Mormon Church and the McCain wing of the Arizona Republican party, congratulated Kyrsten Sinema on her victory: “Mission Accomplished, Trump loses another one.”

This account of fraud in New Mexico is possibly unknown to many because of all the focus on Florida, Ohio, and Alabama. Yvette Herrell, a Republican conservative candidate, campaigned for the 2nd Congressional District in New Mexico on a Trump-like platform.  According to Herrell, an hour after some media outlets called the race over her challenger Democrat Xochitl Torres Small, and having given her victory speech, the Secretary of State’s office called and reported that it had magically found 4,000 ballots that had not been counted.  About an hour later the office said there were an additional 4,000 ballots https://needtoknow.news/2018/11/new-mexico-another-democrat-wins-congressional-seat-8000-votes-found-warehouse/

Ryan’s leadership contributes to loss of House

Here is a good summary of how House Speaker Paul Ryan failed the Republican Party.  Ryan could add no budget cuts to fund tax cuts which hit Republicans in Democrat states by taking away their local and state deductions, coupled with terrible advertising and no money to spare for conservatives like David Brat.  With the nomination of Ryan's second in command as minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, this does not bode well for Trump to win in 2020.  

Although 20% of the seats the Republicans lost were from areas that lost their state and local Federal income tax deduction, that still doesn't explain the loss of the House in the face of record early voting and massive turnout for Trump's rally.  Besides naked fraud, the real reason was the terrible messaging of Republican consultants who spent it all on bad TV ads recycling the same stuff they have been using since 2010. Only Trump was talking about how hard left the Democrat leadership had become.  Only Trump was attempting to get the grass roots involved.

Ushering in Democrat Control

First order of business is for Nancy Pelosi and the present Democrat leadership to get elected to power.  Pelosi most likely will be elected to lead the House but will likely be embarrassed, as Paul Ryan was, with about a dozen defections. The anti-Pelosi Democrats are split between those who said they wouldn't vote for her to pretend they were a moderate and the Lefties who think she is too accommodating with the evil Republicans.

Now that Democrats are in control of the House, expect to see more legislating from the bench, as well as wholesale abuse of Congressional subpoenas.  Already reported is that Democrats are loading the “subpoena cannon” with 85+ Trump targets.”  Democrats know if elections can't solve “problems”, you can always rig some prosecution.

As reported in the Wall Street Journal about the power shift to Adam Schiff:

“Arguably the most important power at stake in Tuesday’s election was Congressional oversight, and the most important change may be Adam Schiff at the House Intelligence Committee. The Democrat says his top priority is re-opening the Trump-Russia collusion probe, but more important may be his intention to stop investigating how the FBI and Justice Department abused their power in 2016."  

Prosecution as a Democrat Strategy

What has been learned to date about the Russia collusion probe?  Credit for knowing anything at all goes to Intel Chairman Devin Nunes and more recently a joint investigation by Reps. Bob Goodlatte… and Trey Gowdy… Over 18 months of reviewing tens of thousands of documents and interviewing every relevant witness, no Senate or House Committee has unearthed evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia… If Special Counsel Robert Mueller has found more, he hasn’t made it public.”  

In a justice system as corrupt as our elections Hillary Clinton and Jane Sanders escaped prosecution,  while “extreme right wing” Jerome Corsi is being railroaded.  For the past two months, Mueller's team has been probing whether Corsi had a source who gave him advance warning that WikiLeaks had obtained emails stolen from Clinton's then-campaign chairman John Podesta before they were released in October 2016.  The screws are being turned on Corsi from exposing John Kerry in 2004 (Unfit for Command) and from exposing Obama as an enemy of the state in his new and much anticipated book, Where’s the Birth Certificate?

Dry run for 2020?

Without doubt, the Left has done a great job in blaming every problem they create (like the California fires) on their enemies. The fact that blacks and single women fall farther and farther behind in Democrat controlled cities and states is also blamed on those evil Republicans

As noted by Representative Gaetz, the Democrats in the mid-terms were testing how far they can get away with naked election fraud because they feel they must beat Trump in 2020 or lose total control of the Federal Judiciary that has jammed their agenda through from abortion on demand to gay marriage to DACA. Like Trump's European and Chinese enemies, they are backed into a corner and it is either rule or ruin because the status quo can't be held up too much longer.

Immigration will likely remain a hot issue in the 2020 election.  Trump could have gotten his Mexican wall by vetoing budgets in the past and daring Congress to shut down the government funded by debt, but any threat of a shut down now in the Lame Duck session seems hollow with the Democrats soon to take power.  Even Trump's “Republican” enemies won't yield in a lame duck on immigration.

The bottom line is to control immigration.  The number of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. could be double at what the generally accepted estimate is, according to a study released Friday by researchers from Yale University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. And illegals do vote, as was evident in the mid-terms.

Will there be enough illegals voting to flip states like Florida, Texas, and Arizona to even give Kamala Harris a victory in 2020, that is, unless Trump can curb it or flip enough independents that didn't vote Republican in 2016 or 2018 to win reelection in 2020.


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  1. Great article Nancy Thorner
    I agree this is a dry run for massive fraud in 2020. Chicago and Cook County have serious issues with integrity along the appearance of impropriety. Early voting has added to potential for fraud.,
    Solutions include purging voter roles especially of dead votes and adding voter photo ID would help, we should switch only to paper ballots. Again, we need to provide honesty and integrity in the election process.,

  2. “The bottom line is to control immigration. The number of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. could be double at what the generally accepted estimate is, according to a study released Friday by researchers from Yale University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. And illegals do vote, as was evident in the mid-terms.’
    Thank you. I have been saying this for 40 years. No one in the GOP really has listened. Now THEY and WE will pay the price!

  3. Thanks for the great article Nancy …. a lot of good information that we should seriously consider. I appreciate your passion for addressing this important issue. The question is who will address the issue and make appropriate4 changes.
    All Voter Registrars should be grateful for citizens who want to help “clean” voter registration roles, and thus demonstrate their passion for preventing an illegal vote from cancelling out a legal vote.

  4. Every Voter Registrar, elected officials, and certainly each citizen should be grateful for those who are willing to donate their time to help “clean up” old voter registrations and thus prevent the possibility of an illegal vote being counted.

  5. Putin should offer to bring in observers to make sure U.S. election laws are enforced.
    This country is an official disgrace. We do not have fair or just elections. It is all just a farce. Our electoral system is a joke, our judicial system is a joke, the rule of law means nothing. We have no enforceable borders, anyone who drops a baby is considered a citizen; we lost our country.
    I cry for my nation.
    However this is a call to action, will Republicans heed the call? This is in part a grassroots effort to put pressure on leadership in each township to exert force on the county leadership to push state leadership to push national leadership.
    But the force has to come from the grassroots. It is obvious by Paul Ryan that the Republican party wants Trump gone and will burn the country to the ground in order to defend the status quo.