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Rossi: A response to Joe Walsh’s plan for IL GOP



Hands-on-keyboardEarlier Monday, Illinois Review shared former Congressman Joe Walsh's ideas of what the struggling Illinois Republican Party should do in the days ahead. Illinois Review reader Randy Rossi responded as follows:

Dear Sirs,

I would like to respond to the opinion piece I saw from Joe Walsh in a copy of your publication regarding how the GOP should change to avoid another massive loss in Illinois:

Sorry, the facts say that Joe has it totally wrong. Had Republicans in Illinois done a good job of explaining how Trump’s actions have dramatically improved the lives of all Americans with hard data, Republicans would have done much better, even in Illinois!

Why would Republicans and all Americans not be thrilled with the following under President Trump? 

  • We now have the lowest unemployment in America in 49 years!
  • We now have the lowest Black unemployment in recorded US history
  • We now have the lowest Hispanic unemployment in recorded US history
  • The average American will see a $2,000 tax cut per year thanks to the GOP tax cut (No, that’s not a crumb, Nancy Pelosi!)
  • Millions of American got bonuses from their companies thanks to the GOP tax cut (no a $1,000 bonus is not a crumb Nancy!)
  • Americans have gotten the highest wage increases under President Trump since 2007.
  • The GDP under Trump has increased more under 2 years of President Trump than it did in 8 years under Democrat Obama.
  • America is finally holding our NATO allies accountable for the fact that 87% of them have broken their promise of 2% GDP spending on defense while America covers their butts with US tax dollars
  • America is finally holding China accountable for stealing $500 billion a year in US commercial and national defense technology while it has stolen millions of US manufacturing jobs through its stealing and cheating.
  • Hard data says that because of the violence and chaos of the “caravan” at our border, more Americans now support Trump’s goal of protecting our borders from illegal immigrants. Even Mexico now agrees.
  • Under Trump we have seen the biggest increase in national defense spending since Ronald Reagan as China, Russia, and Iran get more dangerous.

If Republicans did a good job of explaining the benefits of the traditional GOP values that President Trump and the GOP have finally put back in place, it would increase support for the GOP, not decrease it. Don’t the people in Illinois want more jobs, less taxes, bigger pay checks, and more national security? If the answer is yes, shouldn’t Republicans in Illinois “trumpet” this success?

Presented properly, these Trump actions should dramatically increase support with Blacks and Hispanics because they will see those benefits. That would hurt Democrats and help the GOP. Sadly, the GOP; especially in Illinois has done an incredibly bad job of sharing this good news with them because they don’t want to show support for President Trump’s success  which is exactly what Joe is recommending.

By the way, Joe’s wife lost. I am assuming she followed his advice. The GOP in Illinois needs to “trumpet” the success we are now seeing as a result of the GOP values of less taxes, protecting our nation and sovereignty, and promoting a “pro-business”, “pro-jobs” government not the “government plantation” of the DNC which gives away “free bread and circuses” for votes. Ask the Republic of Rome how “free bread and circuses” worked out.

Bottom line, as usual the GOP (especially in Illinois) has done a lousy job of marketing its strengths and benefits to the average voter while aggressively attacking the DNC’s obvious weaknesses and the damage they have done to America.

Randy Rossi

Grayslake, IL 


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  1. Your premise is based on a LIE. How has Trump made people lives better?
    list out all his accomplishments for the middle class he did?
    tax cuts? … nope all cuts went to corporations and the top 1%. The rest of us got increased because of caps on real estate and local taxes. Matter of fact in 2020 taxes on middle class and poor is set to go up.. to pay tax cuts to the wealthy…. all documented, all proven… anything else from you is a lie.
    jobs? How many coal jobs has he saved? How many jobs in general has he saved?
    you see with TRUMP you got a big fat ZERO. And he’s not even conservative… he’s a dog.

  2. Joe’s wife lost a seat that had been Republican for forty years.
    Have you ever met them? Egos that arrive 20 minutes before they enter the room. They use the word “I” as much as Obama does. Ever notice how Trump talks? It is always about “we” or “you” or “together” on substantive matters. With the Walsh’s there is a “we” only when they have you agreeing with them.

  3. Joe Walsh is a political naïveté. He does NOT get it. He thinks that if Pence was POTUS right now, and if Pence did the exact same things that Trump’s done that got Trump elected in the first place, then things would be different. That is the most foolish thing that I’ve ever heard, but it is what he believes. Of course, I’m not so sure what exactly Joe believes anymore. He obviously does not believe in some of the things that he ran on and that he made his radio show about. This is disingenuous. He’s basically parroting Mitch Daniels’ social issues truce. Of course, there is NO such thing as a truce with the left. Does Joe Walsh NOT get that? Right, abandon social conservatives, abandon the Bill of Rights and then what? Then all of a sudden conservatives will be elected in Illinois? Then all of a sudden there won’t be anymore angry liberals? Then all of a sudden there won’t be this antifa rancor that’s defended by past Republican Presidential losers, the ‘electable’ ones, like Mitt Romney? Then all of a sudden the entire left’s agenda, whose bedrock is precisely social issues, will go away? Then the global warming agenda will go away? Then taxed will be cut in Illinois? If Joe actually believes this, then his only contribution to Republican politics would be to set it back a lot. He doesn’t get it. He has eerily shifted into the same vein as Republican losers Eric Cantor and Mark Sanford. They have zero place in the future of our party and ought not to since they’ll only set back conservatives, not advance conservatives.

  4. Between the Illinois State Rifle Association and Joe Walsh, it’s hard to know who is more responsible for Jeanne Ives losing because they refused to endorse the far superior candidate based on the issues they claim they support. Walsh’s bashing of Trump is ridiculous, too. Go away, Joe. You are the biggest reason why we lost everything in Lake County, including the most Republican House seat in the state until this election. Your wife had no business running as she had no connection to the district or the Lake County Republican Party. A fitting end to a man who has betrayed everyone I know who ever dealt with him, including his first wife.

  5. Rauner baby killing values lost the election. Vote your values. Trump is doing a great job. Rauner called said Jeanne Ives vote close to Madigan. The truth is Rauner on every moral issue he voted with Jeanne Ives. Rauner does not tell the truth. This state has too many taxing districts. Our schools have too many Highly paid administrators.
    People are now coming to Illinois to get their baby killed for free. You can thank Rauner, Madigan and Cullerton. They are not much different than the axis during the second world war.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  6. AMEN, AMEN! The GOP candidates need to UNASHAMEDLY replicate how Trump’s policies fully applied in Illinois would fuel the replication of creating a positive environment for growing businesses thereby creating quality good paying jobs. A growth economy is the engin which powers every other life aspect for our people. As President Reagan stated ‘government IS the problem!’ Illinois’ LACK OF LEADERSHIP IN GOV’T UNITS across the board IS OUR PROBLEM!
    The Mafia Mike Machine is only one aspect of the problem. The LACK OF GOP Market Based Visioning and Shrinking The Hog Traugh of government insider to fuel growth and FIGHT FOR IT is equally at fault.
    When Rauner’s lies about Ives’ from their Trib interview we’re effectively used against her; the depravity of Illinoisians hearts was exposed. We have not hit bottom yet! The pain hasn’t been felt to awaken the populace.

  7. Trump wins because he fights and he tells it like it is. Something the IL GOP knows nothing about. Their counsel, as exemplified by the clownish never-Trumper Walsh, is capitulation and self-loathing. The reason Trumps popularity in Illinois is lower than most other states is mainly due to news media here. It is overwhelmingly anti-Trump. All of the major newspapers as well as the local TV stations suffer from TDS. In addition to that most of the visible Conservatives are never-Trumpers. We need to fight back against the news media. When was the last time a Conservative criticized the Tribune et al for their over-the-top anti-Trump bias? If the IL GOP does not energize their base they won’t get anywhere and you can’t energize your base if you don’t fight.

  8. Trump won, JB Pritzger won. Next. We need to come together as Republicans or we are easily divided with tools like Sam McCann. Infact, his name was on mailers against Republicans all over Illinois that were way out of his district.
    Often I see posts or emails from people who want you to know they are the smartest people in the room that are impossible to have a discussion with or reach a compromise with. It is those people that hurt organizations that want to help good Republicans.
    I agree with Joe’s post and had to smile at Rossi’s rebuttal as it is just not based on what wins elections.
    Thank you for all that you do Joe,
    Don Wilson

  9. Did Hultgren or Roskam stand up for Trump’s principles?
    No they tried to become milqutoast Republicans, surrendering on every point in a useless attempt to try and appeal to Teacher Union, and other die-hard lefties – and just assuming they had Trump voters in their corner.
    And where will these 2 GOP congressmen be on January 10th?

  10. Hultgren, Roskam and Kinzinger are all rino’s. They all kneel at the altar of Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan has a wall around his house but refuses to protect the U. S. Citizens like he is protected. These ex rep’s deservedly lost. Kinzinger is next. The new maps will be drawn to get rid of this “CLOWN” as well. Good riddance to all of these Un American pos’s!!! They should all move to Mexico and run for office there. They want to represent them instead of us anyway.

  11. At least Walsh has one faithful as seen on this blog. I, however, am one of those who left after he showed his first betrayal-supporting a democrat who did not speak english,(or if she did, I could not understand a word), who engaged in illegal campaign tactics, who was an unemployed makeup saleswoman campaigning on, “I am going to create jobs in Illinois and people will vote for me because I am a woman and an Indian. This is who Walsh supported over Lt. Colonel Larry Kaifish. And the cries of “why, why, Joe”, were answered with the same rumor from many. A nasty rumor circulated. $200,000 all the way up to $1,000,000.