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Letter to Editor: The IL GOP has the nerve to ask for donations?



ImagesBy Brad Baber - 

Yesterday I received a letter from IL GOP chairman Tim Schneider asking for a donation. In the letter is a litany of excuses as to why Republicans lost big in the 2018 election, but nowhere in the list did he put any of the blame on the IL GOP or Bruce Rauner. Let’s get back to that in a minute.

The previous IL GOP chairman, Pat Brady openly advocated against the platform of the party. He was an ally to Illinois Democrats, and solely advocated for his own agenda, not that of IL Republican voters. He was confronted many times for his treasonous acts towards IL Republican voters and finally forced out when his presence was no longer tenable.

You would think that this would have brought recognition, an awakening, and a response from the IL Central Committee in reaction to the clear and present will of Republican? The new party chairman brought in was Tim Schneider. Within a short time Mr. Schneider sent out a letter, much like the one I received yesterday. In it, he introduced himself.

I had expected after Brady’s departure that an acknowledgement of mistakes would have been made, and the affirmation of a new direction from the IL GOP? Sadly, there was no such recognition, no awakening, and no response to the transgressions of the IL GOP, which further fractured and weakened the party. The letter was rather a defiant rejection of the will of IL Republican voters. This “elite” group was going to continue to dictate their will to Republican voters.

January 2019: A new day and another donation request from the IL GOP.

Once again the IL GOP, that is the “elites”, worked with Rauner and his war chest to sink the only candidate that could get the support of the base of the party- Jeanne Ives. Rauner had alienated Republican voters by voting against the party principles on taxpayer funding of abortions and making IL a sanctuary state, which were also direct campaign promise violations.

It was clear before the primary that Rauner could not garner enough support from his own party , let alone among all Illinois voters to win. He confirmed as much in his admission after the election that he tried to get someone else to run.   So in typical elitist fashion, he and the IL GOP decided go against the base of their own party, and effectively hand the state, down ballot races, and the mapping process to Democrats. Another subversion of Republicans in IL. With republicans like that, who needs enemies?

So they still have the nerve to ask for donations? To donate to those same elites is either the best way to support the Democrat party in IL or the definition of insanity, or both. Until a true revolution in thinking occurs in IL Republicans and the party, it’s a lost cause and happy news for the status quo.


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  1. The reality is the only hope for change in Illinois is a rapid economic calamity that forces pension realignment and that will create a political opening for a opening salvo on sustainable fiscal conservatism. At that point a non-Democratic party will have an opening. Until then, Illinois is a lost cause, the Democratic machine will keep winning elections and hoping to time a pension failure with a Democratic Federal administration that will bail out the pension system.
    You have to understand the math, there is no way the alleged so called pension and healthcare obligations to the public sector in Illinois will be met by Illinois taxpayers. They are positioning for a federal bailout and the best way to do that is to run up the tab so high no one would even think Illinois residents can make good on it, hence the rest of the nation will need to. With Illinois a solid blue state will come the electoral college clout to force support from a coming Democratic administration.

  2. Pat Brady is still the “go-to guy” on questions about the Illinois GOP for the idiot newsmen of Chicago radio stations WGN and WLS.
    This fact pisses me off more than anything Brady has ever said, done, or NOT done.

  3. Excellent article!
    “No Social Issues” Rauner and his allies (Pat Brady and Jim Durkin to name two) demonstrated that when Republicans ignore or run away from the critical social issues — ya know, the issues the base cares about — they get trounced.
    Please send us no more of these RINOs!!

  4. Schneider is as much a part of the problem as is Rauner and Brady. And some of us will never forget how they used party resources to send out all those slanderous mailings against Mickey Straub who was running against failed Establishment Apparatchik Durkin.

  5. That’s the curse of “seniority” in the GOP.
    Once we make the mistake of electing a loser we can’t get rid of him because the Party will use it’s resources to KEEP him in office, no matter that the grass roots wants him OUT.
    The only way to get rid of the guy is to refuse to vote for him. It’s what we had to do to get rid of Rauner.