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More US voters say too little being done to stop illegal immigration



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Underground tunnel between Mexico and California found three months ago

WASHINGTON – It's not just conservatives that are frustrated with lawmakers allowing human trafficking, dangerous drug flow and burdening taxpayers with the cost of sheltering those in the U.S. illegally, a new survey says Friday. 

In the midst of a government shutdown over disagreements about building a border wall, two-out-of-three voters still think illegal immigration is a serious issue, but nearly half of voters think the government isn’t working hard enough to stop it.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 48% of Likely U.S. Voters think the government is doing too little to stop illegal immigration, up five points from 43% who felt the same way in August. Twenty-eight percent (28%) believe the government is doing too much to stop illegal immigration, down from 34%, while 17% think the government’s level of action is about right. 

Drug smuggling and human trafficking are of urgent concern to border patrol.

With the help of Mexican police, an underground tunnel assumed to be for drug smuggling between Mexico and California was discovered in October 2018. US agents determined that the tunnel’s entry point included a shaft in Mexico that was approximately 31 feet deep, with a total length of 627 feet, of which 336 feet were inside the United States. Agents reached an exit shaft that went approximately 15 feet up towards the surface, but did not yet have a an exit point into the US.


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  1. Actually too much attention is given too drug trafficking and human trafficking in this ongoing issue.
    Yes those are huge issues. But too often they are given as the primary reason we need to secure our borders with scant attention to the massive amount of poverty flowing into this country. Somehow it is not ‘nice’ to put this very dire issue front and forward and too many politicians try to deflect that issue and focus and expand on the drugs and trafficking.
    Get it ALL out in the open. And don’t be afraid that this country can not be a refuge for all the worlds economic/political problems.

  2. A republican congresscritter, being interviewed yesterday (1/11/2019) by Harris Faulkner, let the cat out of the bag and declared that the republican leadership demanded that republicans in the House drop the “Wall Issue” leading up to the 2018 elections. It seems the illustrious Paul Ryan & Company did not want to rock the boat in fear of losing the House. Another betrayal!