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There are better choices than government schools




The American people, and parents in particular, are now faced with two stark choices: Withdraw from the public education system in massive numbers, or prepare for a future of planetary serfdom. It is really that simple. If Americans continue to allow their children to be educated by the government in cooperation with the United Nations, freedom will inevitably be lost, even if it takes another generation or two.

The bad news is that Americans, having been deceived, largely did this to themselves. They surrendered their children to be “educated” by the government, something almost unprecedented in humanity’s history. They allowed their elected representatives to establish humanistic, socialistic government indoctrination camps. And they allowed it to get worse and worse.  

But that does not have to be the end of the story. In fact, there is a lot of great news, and cause for celebration.



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  1. I have long been a believer in public schools.
    I still think they are doing a good job in many rural areas and political indoctrination is rarely an issue. And yes, I am pretty much aware of what is going on at least in my local area. Besides, where I live, private schools really are not an option.
    However, I do agree that many public schools and virtually ALL universities are becoming Leftist propaganda centers.
    If I lived in an urban area and had school children it is highly unlikely I would send the to public schools- for reasons that so many are 3rd world cesspools, dangerous and PC.
    Even private schools have to monitored by the parents.

  2. Even private schools have to monitored by the parents.
    Home schools are private schools – which solves the problem.
    Just sayin’
    Seriously, we have moved beyond traditional public school education. It is a discredited relic of the past.

  3. If ALL universities are leftist propaganda centers why did you and your wife work at Western Illinois University until your retirement at age 56 no less? Where are your conservative principles or do they end when your pocketbook is affected? Furthermore, you and the wife are EACH collecting over $100,000 annually; and to date have received OVER $800,000 EACH. That is quite a haul for a supposed conservative!!

  4. Frank stated: However, I do agree that many public schools and virtually ALL universities are becoming Leftist propaganda centers.
    Frank said “are becoming”, you said he said “ALL universities are leftist propaganda centers”
    If you have a bone to pick with him, that’s fine but do it with the truth

  5. Why not. They needed me to give them some alternative views. You know, that ‘diversity’ they talk about.
    Actually YOU are a little ….
    As to my pension which I contributed much to and the state did not. EAT it you …. Your small minded jealously reflects on YOU not me.
    YOU need to join the HATERS in the Democratic Party . That is where YOU belong.

  6. While I think Frank’s pension is ludicrous, worth about 4.4 million for each of them(see Larry Swedroe, 3% is the new 4%), all Frank did was exploit the taxpayers via a system that was always unfair,biased, and simply legalized theft. It is hard to tell from his writing if he is ashamed of it or not.
    All that side, a bigger issue is that he is a:
    “believer in public schools”
    I sincerely believe any balanced assessment on the whole of the public school system would have to conclude that is it a dismal failure.
    The public schools have failed in its core mission to turn out an educated voter. Instead it appears its main goal is to provide jobs for teachers and administrators with outrageous salaries and benefits that are way out of proportion to any benefit they convey on society.
    It is time to scrape the current system. It is not salvageable.

  7. Did I exploit the system? Personally I did nothing to exploit the system. I did not get a large promotion at the end, no early retirement- nothing.
    I was a classroom teacher- never an administrator.
    I did have a very large salary. I was a full Professor at age 36 and was able to build on that. In addition I had counteroffers of employment from the University of Southern California and Syracuse University.
    Yes, I did real well for a white boy in the age of AA who started out in a one room school house.
    The system I was in averaged 9.1% annually (money doubled every 8 years) for all the years I was in the system. I was paying 8% back in 1971 when SS was paying 4.1% for the SS part.
    I chose the option of a purchased annuity(over the regular formula) which was based on my contributions + the state (which was supposed to match my contribution). Yes, that option benefited me. The state did pretend that they had contributed so naturally this was a very large sum. Then an annuity was purchased by SURS on my behalf.
    SS is a screw job for all of those who make even somewhat above average incomes ($60,000 or more).
    Basically it redistributes and its ‘earning’s are based on interest bearing treasury IOU notes. Again, a screw job.
    For who pay into it should go after the FEDS but instead they gripe about others. Typical. Irrational resentment is a powerful force and most prevalent among the LEFT but others sometimes ‘indulge’ in it also.
    The one thing that is questionable is my 3% annual compounded increase. Annuities rarely ever get that, but I do. Yes, I did contribute .5% each year toward this annual increase on top of the pension. And the 3% is the law. However it should be based upon the CPI-U like SS- the one thing SS did get right. Thus, over the years my pension has increased significantly since we have had lower inflation (of course, if there had been higher inflation this 3% would not look so good and the SS would be better.) The luck of the draw and the game is not over with on that issue as the Treasury has printed so much money in the last decase.
    But to answer your question. No I am not ashamed. I went by the rules, nothing more, nothing less. A lot of money was put in and the state did not honor their contributions over a 40+ year period. If they had, this would not be subject of any conversation.
    I made my decisionsin life, others have made theirs.
    Furthermore, I am always willing to sign off with my own name. I do not hide. I don’t mind if others do not put their real name forward but I do resent it when they attack anyone personally who is forthright, and then hide behind anonymity. I do not take your comment in that manner.

  8. Frank,
    As you indicated it was not an attack on you, I was just curious how you saw it and sort of guarding your flank. And I am pretty sure you know me, I believe we have talked before, some years past. Hint, I was a 5th talk radio host. That aside, I cloak the name, though I am sure Fran knows who I am, simply to keep my offspring from suffering peripheral damage and because I have a business interests where I am employ a number of subs on government contracts.
    In the end, I think the real issue is two-fold. One, children are who are born as citizens of this state into a system of indentured, multi-generational servitude, in order to pay benefits for services rendered before they were born; this is an affront to our historic judicial and legal system. You can read that a few times, there is a lot packed into that sentence, enough to fill a book.
    The other very vexing issue is we now a system where those in charge of creating the laws, administering the laws, enforcing the laws, and those indoctrinating people in the system that supports those laws and perpetuating the system(teachers for example) are economically immune to the impact of those rules and laws via their pensions and health care packages. It is not good when the instrumentation of government is so thoroughly insulated from the conditions of the general populace they rule over. This is an affront to our nation’s founding.
    I could give some long financial examples of this if you wish.
    Peace Amigo (learning the language of our conquerors).

  9. Frank,
    So this now fascinates me. Do you literally have an annuity, as in an annuity from an insurance company?
    If so, I am wondering how this works? For one the 3% increase, there use to be a law that prevented an insurance company for exceeding 3% on an annual basis, because it lent to much instability to the system. So are you capped at 3% or do you still get the pension provisions 3% or the rate of inflation, whichever is less?
    Secondly, how is this annuity guaranteed? Illinois caps coverage at 250K for a single policy and 300K for an individual. So how are you made whole (if at all?) in the event of insolvency?
    Fascinating…thanks for the discouse.