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Rossi: China Loves the Dem’s “Green New Deal”


By Randy Rossi - 

Anybody living in the “Real World” knows that China has a formal plan to dominate the global economy by knocking the US off the top by 2030. In order to accomplish this, our own government reports that China steals $500 billion a year in US commercial and defense technology to defeat us. In addition, they have stolen millions of US jobs by putting US companies out of business by selling below cost using Chinese government subsidies.

Now Democrats are rushing to China’s side by launching their “Green New Deal” which will totally bankrupt the US by 2030 if they get to implement it. That “Green New Deal” will crush the American economy in every way. In fact, I would propose that China actually wrote this Democrat “Green New Deal” and they are thrilled at how vigorously the liberal Democrats have embraced it! First, using irrational “global warming” hysteria, these Dems want to flush 89% of our electric grid down the toilet and replace it with incredibly expensive wind and solar energy by 2030. That is just 11 years! That alone will put America out of business and bankrupt virtually every American home with incredibly high electric costs.

By the way, “sometimes the wind don’t blow and the sun don’t shine”! Of course while America bankrupts itself, China which is the world’s worst polluter; will continue to use their cheap and incredibly dirty coal fired electricity to put America out of business since the horrible Paris Climate Agreement does not require China to lower their CO2 output by one iota up until 2030!


Next the Dems “Green New Deal” wants to make air travel illegal and force Americans to use bullet trains that don’t exist. Even the liberal Hawaiian Democrat Senator doesn’t think that is a good deal because it is hard to take a train to Hawaii but China loves it. Next the Dems “Green New Deal” requires every home and building in America to be rebuilt to reduce energy usage by 2030. Seriously, every building including your home! Next these Dems want to make gasoline and diesel cars and buses illegal by 2030 so get ready to buy a really expensive electric car by then! In just 11 years this deal demands that we go from less than 1% electric cars today to 100% electric cars by 2030! Sheer insanity!

But the part of this wacko “Green New Deal” the Chinese like best is the liberal goal of a guaranteed living wage for all Americans. Not only for those that can’t work, but even for those that simply don’t want to work. The Chinese love this because it would be the final “nail in the coffin” of the American economy. Once all people can get paid for not working in America, a huge percentage of Americans will stop working which will totally destroy the American economy and make China the winner in the global economy. That is the “tippy top” of the Chinese dream!

The one thing that may push Americans into revolution mode may be the Democrats plan to eliminate all cows because of their “farts” which contribute to global warming. Seriously! Weren’t cows here on Earth even before humans so how did they suddenly create global warming now? Making steak illegal might just set off the 2nd American Revolution and save America’s future!

As I said, I believe that this “Green New Deal” may have actually been developed by China with the hope that it would be embraced by the loony left Democrats and help China achieve their goal of global domination. After all, while China steals $500 billion a year in US technology, China invests billions a year in our colleges through the Confucius Institute to sell Chinese communist propaganda to our students. US FBI Director Christopher Wray recently warned America of this Chinese propaganda strategy and the threat it poses to our students and our country. This is just another reason that the FBI and US military leadership just named China as the greatest strategic threat to America that there is. Bottom line, while you spend tens of thousands of dollars to send your kids to college, China is investing billions of dollars to turn them into socialists/communists! As Lenin said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted”. This may explain why 48% of millennials and 52% of young people 18-29 prefer socialism to capitalism. Lenin’s mission has been accomplished.

The “Green New Deal”  embraced by the loons on the left which now make up most of the Democrat Party will be an IQ test for the American people. Anybody who understands how America became the most powerful and prosperous nation in the world understands that it is the traditional American values of hard work, strong families, independence, capitalism, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and “reaching up to grab the brass ring” that made America so great. If a majority of Americans are naïve and ignorant enough to embrace this socialist “Green New Deal”, they will destroy this great country and the futures of our kids and grandkids and put communist China at the top of the world.

Pay attention America and choose wisely in 2020!


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