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Illinois lawmakers consider 10-cent statewide plastic bag fee



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SPRINGFIELD – Plastic bags will be much more expensive for stores to distribute soon, as Governor Pritzker and the Illinois General Assembly leadership – in close coordination with the ideologically Left environmental groups like the Illinois Environmental Council – contemplate adding a 10 cents a bag fee. 

"Plastic pollution threatens our environment at an alarming rate, endangering wildlife and public health," the Illinois Environmental Council says on its website. "More and more cities across the state and county are taking action on plastic bags through fees at checkout–sparking a major behavior shift among consumers." 

And that's exactly what Governor Pritzker and the controlling Democrats in both chamber want – a major behavior shift among Illinois shoppers statewide.

Governor Pritzker mentioned in his first state of the state address his support for reducing plastic bag waste by charging 10 cents for each one of those bags grocery and discount stores offer to their patrons. 

"These fees have drastically reduced plastic bag waste, increased reusable bag use, and provided needed revenue for waste reduction programs locally," IEC says. There's already a bag charge in Chicago, where the plastic bag usage has dropped 26% since the fee went into effect. Now the IEC wants the fee statewide. 

HB3335, the Carryout Bag Fee Act, would place a $0.10 fee on plastic bags sold at retail locations, and "fund environmental programs across the state," something that groups like the IEC would most likely be able to tap into. 

Democrat State Rep. Ann Williams is the sponsor. The bill is scheduled to be heard March 14th in the House Revenue & Finance Committee. 


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  1. Look at the breakdown of who gets money from this tax.
    Creates the Carryout Bag Fee Act. Provides that a carryout bag fee of $0.10 is imposed on each carryout bag used by a customer at retail establishments, except in municipalities with a population greater than 1,000,000, with $0.03 being returned to the retail establishment, $0.04 into the Carryout Bag Fee Fund, $0.01 to the Prairie Research Institute of the University of Illinois, $0.01 into the Solid Waste Management Fund, and $0.01 into the Partners for Conservation Fund. Provides that the carryout bag fee does not apply to the retail sale or use of carryout bags that are used to carry items purchased under specified governmental food assistance programs. Repeals the new Act on January 1, 2026.
    This is a special interest money grab… this is total b.s.
    Anyone see where any of these tax dollars are going to the general fund to help satisfy our already incurred debt? Last report i saw said the state was 8 BILLION dollars behind in payments to vendors…. yet this pandering by worthless Williams. We have STUPID & CORRUPT state legislators, no one with a brain think this proposed corrupt vote buying is a priority, Illinois SERIOUS problems that need solutions. Plastic bags are not a priority, williams should be ashamed!

  2. I am going to ask my city council to pass a city ordinance applying a $0.01 tax to go to the city’s general fund on each plastic bag and then file a discrimination lawsuit for granting an exemption only to cities with populations over 1,000,000.
    The corrupt democraps have a problem understanding equality. Equal under the law….

  3. Chicago’s has had a 7-cent-per-bag tax for both paper and plastic grocery bags since February 2017 – 2 cents go to the retailer and 5 cents go to the city. Chicago would be exempt to William’s proposed HB 3335.
    The state commiecrats can’t discriminate against the taxpayers in the rest of the state. If the lions share of the Chicago tax goes to the city of Chicago, then the lion’s share of William’s proposed 10¢ should go to each city.
    According to the Illinois state constitution, state govt is mandated to eliminate inequality…. Rep Ann Williams is an attorney from Chicago, but has no obvious concern for the top state law, the Illinois constitution. She wants to play favorites by allowing Chicago(pandering to her voters)the gravy and the rest of the cities in the state the pits.
    The FBI stated Chicago is the #1 most corrupt alpha city in the nation. From what I am seeing, they aren’t in danger of losing the #1 spot!
    If plastic pollution is a problem in Chicago that doesn’t mean it is in the rest of the state. Apparently Chicagoans need civilized and learn how to use a trash can or recycle.
    The eight most terrifying words in the English language are, I’m from Chicago and I’m here to help.