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Paper-pushing, rank-and-file, regulatory agencies are stockpiling firepower



UnnamedBy Adam Andrzejewski - 

Does the IRS really need five million rounds of ammunition?

Why did the Department of Health and Human Services purchase four million rounds and five submachine guns?

What about the 800,000 rounds purchased by the Social Security Administration?

Today, at Forbes, we published an editorial detailing some of the weapon purchases made over the last few years at agencies such as the IRS, the EPA, and the VA. These agencies are loading up on guns and ammunition for their special agents. Read the full editorial, click here.

In December, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) published a report quantifying purchases of $1.5 billion in firearms, ammunition, and tactical equipment between 2010 and 2017. All of these purchases came from agencies outside of the Pentagon.

These findings were consistent with our oversight report launched in The Wall Street Journal in 2016. This problem is not slowing down or going away.

It's time for President Trump's federal agencies to open their gun lockers and explain to Americans like you why they need so much firepower to pursue their missions.


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  1. Government agencies request bids for multi-year contracts. There are roughly 80,000 federal agents licensed to carry firearms. If each expends 100 rounds for qualification, twice a year or more, that’s 16 million rounds per year alone. I see only five firearms in the list, submachine guns typically used when serving felony warrants.

  2. You might be surprised at the number of federal officers killed in the line of duty (besides the FBI, DEA, ATF, or Secret Service). Go see the wall at the national law enforcement officers memorial. Obama made law enforcement the enemy, and their job has become more difficult and dangerous.